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any tips for sore feet


is getting better at it
to cut a very long story short i had to walk miles and miles yesterday (this body was not designed to walk that far in one outing:cry:), and as i was walking i could feel the blisters appearing i have a row of blisters on the ball of one foot and all down the side of the other and my legs are aching real bad, im sat with my feet in a bowl of cold water to try and stop the burning.

it also looks like i wont be able to get to meeting tonight as i will have to walk and i just dont think i can handle the pain ( car broke yesterday). :sigh:

in really sorry but all i have done on here this week is moan :cry: sorry
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Slow but sure....
Soak your feet in as hot as you can stand water and put some salt in the water too, it will sting if your blisters have burst but it will help to heal them and stop any infection - then just sit with your feet up and rest them.

Can you get a lift to class? Take care and keep those feet elevated.


Bring it on!
Yes soak your feet it will help them feel better. If the blisters are on the balls and you are walking on them you need to burst them. You'll need to sterilise a needle, then make 2 holes (opposite each other is best) then the fluid will drain out. You need to cover thenm then with a plaster if you're walking on them and uncover them in bed tonight. Blisters are awful, 'specially on your soles!
The muscles in your legs will feel better if you can heat on them - heat pack, hot water bottle or even deep heat spray - and ibuprofen will also help them.

Not sure what the best thing is for blisters. Are they fluid-filled? If they have already burst then I would apply lots antiseptic cream and put a plaster on to cover them. Not sure if it's a good idea to get blisters wet or not, but the cool water should soove you feet.


is getting better at it
thanks all,
i dont think i can bring myself to stick a pin in them, just sat with them in water is 1000 times better
I had a painful blister on the sole of my foot last week... I wouldn't pop them if you can avoid it. I popped mine and it was SO painful, I could barely walk on it. Blisters are there to help the skin underneath it heal and harden, so popping will just make it more painful when you walk (which is what happened to me!)

Is it far to your class? Call your consultant and she may offer you a lift or be able to suggest another member who could pick you up.


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