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anyone 5'10? Size question!


can see the end in sight!
hello all! Just curious, I have dropped to a slightly snug size 18 after nearly three stone since I have started CD. Anyone who is about the same height know how much weight it took to reach a 16, 14, 12 etc? I know everyone is different but I'm curious of others experiences as I can't remember being less than a size 18! Thanks :)
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I'm so much shorter than you.. but just wanted to say WELL DONE on getting down so well and looking forward to smaller sizes :)

We've missed you on the team thread ((hugs))


can see the end in sight!
aw thank you! Been spring cleaning and off work this week so won't be around much! OH is a hoarder so I have a lot of crap to clear LOL! Will post my loss tomorrow, hopefully a good one xx
I'm 5' 10" and currently 11 stone 7. I'm a pear shape so wearing a size 12 top and 14/16 bottom.
Congrats on the weight loss. xx


Hi !
I'm 5' 10" and have maintained at 10 stone, size 10.
I went down a size for each stone lost, so went from 13 stone, size 16, to 12 stone, size 14, to 11 stone, size 12 to 10 stone, size 10 !
Hope this helps !

Hi - it's really nice to hear from some other tall ladies. I'm 6 foot and it can be hard when you hear other people's starting weights are your goals weight! I was a size 22-ish (never went shopping so not sure!) Am now size 14/16 top and 16/18 bottoms. Was 16'7, now 14'1 and would like to get into the 12s.
Iam 5.9 and hovering near 13 stone...I am a comfortable jean size 14 and have been since 13.7, I can get into some 12's as well. I can get into 14/16/18 tops depending on the cut

from memory I am nearly a proper jean size 12 when about 11.7 stone

I would say I have a big frame, large bones and broad back
but skinny legs (hoorah!!)


can see the end in sight!
thank you lovely ladies! I want to get down to 12 stone and would love to be a 12/14 on bottom and a 12 on top. I am an hourglass shape but have bigger thighs and tum. It's good to hear from others as don't really have a frame of reference! Looks like I might need to lose another half stone or so to 11 7 to be a comfy size 12. Either way, anything less than an 18 is amazing and unfamiliar territory! X

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