Anyone ever got pregnant whilst on Sole Source?


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Hey everyone. I'm on sole source still, with about a stone to a stone and a half to go before goal. I figure I'll finish up around Christmas. But hubby and I want to start trying for a baby again this month (tried earlier in the year and nothing happened for 6 months which is one reason I'm doing this diet!).

Do you think its pointless and my body is in shutdown or do you reckon its worth a try? Does anyone know of anyone who got pregnant (accidentally or on purpose) while they were following sole source? :)
Ooh yes - I do know of several people who got pregnant on SS - can't think of who off the top of my head - but it does certainly seem to show sometimes that being on a vlcd can improve your fertility.

Once you discover you are pregnant, of course, you have to stop SSing.

Best of luck to you!!
When I was on Lighter Life - we were all given a warning to take extra protection as abstinence for some reason increased fertility.

I have since quite a few "miraculous accidents" since being around VLCD's

However a point of caution to give your baby the best chance I would get your body all the nutrients necessary to make a baby which cannot possibly be obtained from SS and could have damaging results.

Pregnant ladies are banned from SSing is but with doctors permission may do a higher level - ie 1500 etc etc is my understanding

I am sure you get the official CD answer from a counsellor soon enough though.


Happy Baby Making
No worries - I'd come off sole source the minute I found out (which is generally when you are 2 weeks pregnant) - I'd probably come off it completely and go under the guidance of a nutritional therapist to ensure I get everything I need whilst maintaining my weight or even gradually losing my final stone throughout the 9 months - just wondering really about whether SS affects your chances and it seems it can, but for the better! Here's hoping it does for me!!!

Wish me luck boys and girls...
I do wish you the very best of luck, hun. Try not to stress too much about getting preg as that can stop you conceiving, can't it.

Just relax and lurrrve your hubby - that's the best way!

Something about increase in Oestrogen from all the fat burning makes you more fertile - so Go Sally Go!
I am sure that you will be advised to go back to food when you become pregnant but nobody told me to abstain from S"E"X" in addition to food when SS - the fact that I did was irrelevant but don't tell hubby LOL
:eek: I hope I havent!! :rolleyes::D LOL

If your wanting to conceive then go at it like rabbits and keep an eye on it. Once you become preggie then you will have to go back on food though!! (Thats if you can keep it down).

All the best for the future!
Just a word of encouragement to remind you that trying for 6 months as you did earlier in the year actually isn't that long.

Losing the weight you have will certainly help your body to work properly and hopefully you will be more fertile because you have lost the weight.

Its just I hear so many people stressing about not getting pregnant quickly and the fact is it often takes a while. Sure some folks are really lucky and it happens straight away but the rest of us (like me) just have to chill out and wait.

It took us 20 months to conceive our daughter, and true to tradition I really did get pregnant when I least expected it! OH got made redundant really suddenly and 2 weeks later...... positive clearblue in my hand and complete disbelief. All is well now and daughter nearly 2!

In another couple of years I hope to try for another and I am hoping to fall faster as I will be much slimmer and healthier but still I am going to try and remember how long it took us the first time.

Good luck hope it works out just the way you want it!

I'd love an excuse to go on maintenance early!!!