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Anyone work in a hospital?


Yummy Mummy! xx
I start my new job next week and am just wondering what 'essentials' I will need. Its a fast paced day unti and I wear scrubs so im limited on pocket space.

was thinking of taking a notpad and pen but wondering whether I will actually have time to make notes etc etc.

I just want to go as prepared as possible and not look totally clueless! x
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Never gets tired of SW!
Hi hun, ooh good luck for your new job!! What department will you be in? I work in cardiac intensive care, so am a fellow scrub wearer!! Most of us have a pencil case- I have a multicoloured pen (one of the ones with 4 colours on it) because we have to fill in obs charts with different colours, a pencil & rubber to do my 'self-rostering', some change to get a can from the machine. A small note-pad is a must for all newbies because there will be so much to take in (prehaps you will be given handouts though), but after 10 years in ICU my enthusiasm to jot things down has tapered a little lol!! I also have my mobile on me (on silent) at all times but we're not strictly meant to use them so I'm particularly discreet with my texting!! You probably won't need to carry much with you! Have you thought about what food you'll be taking with you? It's really important to be prepared so as not to fall into the danger zone of being so ravenous you dive head first into a box of chocolates (be warned, you will never be too far from chocs and biccies, especially approaching the Christmas period!!)XXX


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thank you!

Im going to be working on the surgical admissions day unit, but Ive never worked in a hospital setting beofre and I feel sick with nerves already and I dont start for another week!

Im working long days 730am-630pm so will be taking plenty or fruit and cereal bars and maybe something filling for lunch lke tuna pasta etc etc, not sure what facilities they have and whether i have to take my own tea/coffee etc etc.

Will definatley get a pen with different colours, a notepad and a few bits and pieces. My Oh was also going to buy me one of the watches that attach to your uniform becuase I always wear a watch but Im sure Im not allowed one at the hospital x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Yes you can wear a fob watch. I expect you'll be clerking the patients in and getting them ready for theatre. You may even get to put TED stockings on!
There should be a canteen, or at least a staff room where there will be a microwave,. Be warned hospital food is chips and fastish food, and they usually have puddings , cake and biccies for sale too!


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thanks guys!

Im going to super organised on the food front and take plenty of fruit to snack on and something filling for lunch as it will be gone 830pm before I eat dinner by the time I get home!



Never gets tired of SW!
Yes being organised is definitely the key! I work a lot of 12 1/2 hr shifts (7.30am-8pm and 7.30pm-8am) so it's vital that I'm well prepared, and I never ever buy food from our canteen! It's really unhealthy and unbalanced and even the brussel sprouts, cabbage and green beans which are the healthiest things available are brown!! I tend to take in salads, leftovers from previous meals, home made soups, stews, curries, pasta, filled wholemeal pittas with egg salad, chicken salad, cheese & beetroot or whatever I fancy really! I also take 'Mugshots', HIFI bars (or equiv), lots of fruit and yogurts. I am known for my huge cool bag because our fridge is always bursting with other peoples' decaying food so I try and avoid it!! Good luck, I'm sure it'll be very interesting!! Judi you make putting TEDS on sound fun!!!XXX
my pockets get stuffed with black pens (usually manage to lose one by the end of the day!) my fob watch, the pin 'bit' broke and it was a birthday pressie from DD, my name stamp, bits of paper, I clip my antibacterial hand cleanser to my pocket and a thermometer. I work in community at the moment. When I worked in the hospital I always used a bag as we had nowhere 'safe' to leave any belongings!

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