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Argument with b/f - Chinese and Wine :-(


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Yes we can and we do --- best thing you can do now is forget about what you've eaten and drank .... just move on from there and get back on the wagon.

Hope you get it sorted with your boyfriend too.
Poor you :hug99:yes its a bad habit to turn to food and drink to make you feel better, the short term fix leads to a long term habit as well I know!!!!!!! At least its one you can acknowledge, learn from and move on. Don't beat yourself up, just acknowledge you did it (try a thought record) try to think what you'll do next time (maybe get a friend round to talk to) and get back on the packs. Someone said to me, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels (or something like that!) which I try to think of when I'm having the wobbles. Also I keep telling myself 'its only food'. Hope you make up with your boyfriend and get back on track. Its a minor setback and the big picture is that you've come so far and you want to get to goal!!!
Sorry to hear about argument, hope it's something which can be sorted.

Most of us have some issue or another to a greater or leser extent, so we can't expect to let old habits to go straight away or even dissapear forever.

Try hard to get back on the horse, chalk up the food to a learing experience and move on.

You are still in the game

Take Care

Sam xx
Part of the process for me has been learning to deal with stress by not eating (one of the reasons I got huge in the first place was that I drowned feelings with food). It is sometimes so hard to walk away but you will feel 100% better when you do. When you feel like that come on and post. We're all here for you! Just put it down to experence and start again! Big hugs!

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