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Yesterday my colleague brought in chocolate muffins - they were in reachin distance all day but somehow I resisted. Today he has brough in a box of celebrations - offered me one, I said no thanks, the knowing I'm dieting picked them up and offered me one again right in my face. I looked at all those lovely chocolates, arm was itching to take one but again said no thank you. So so hard!

Why do people do this knowing full well I'm dieting!!! GGRRRR
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I would have to take him aside and tell him that you're trying to watch what you're eating and it's not helping that he's pushing sweets in front of you! It sounds a bit like sabotage to me! He doesn't have to stop bringing them in just be a bit more considerate.
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I know what you mean. Yesterday at work they had egg/sausage/bacon sandwiches from the local caff in the morning; followed by KFC for lunch; and donuts and flapjacks left out all day for people to pick at.

Then they started today with sausage and bacon bagettes; and each time asked if I wanted any (again knowing I am on a diet too).

Doesn't help much doesn it. I too have resisted though, which is hard today as I forgot my lunch



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I kinda thought it might be a sabotage. He and my boss are the only two here that eat the chocs and he brings things in most days - Don't know how he can afford to, he brings in big tins of celebrations at least once a week. I obviously used to tuck in but since I've been on a diet he brings even more tempting things in :(
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Similar to what goes on at my work!!
Burger van every morning for the work boys to have their sausage/bacon in a bun, lunchtime someone normally goes to McDonalds or the Thai van across the street and there is always cakes to pick on that suppliers have taken in.

They all know I'm dieting now though due to the copious amounts of cous cous and rice and mullerlights in the cupboard/fridge so they are fairly well behaved :D
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If he is trying to sabotage your efforts then it's very serious, it means he doesn't believe you can do it and he doesn't reapect what you're trying to do for your health. I would definately have a word but if it would be too awkward for you at least it's a great motivation, you can keep on track and show him what you're made of! I've set myself a goal for Xmas and I've had someone tell me that 'most women just don't have the will power to do it' and you wait and see how far his jaw drops when I do it!


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S: 11st4lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 0st4lb(2.53%)
Thanks sugarlips - great motivation!! I will show him! hee hee

Where in South Wales are you from - I'm in Caerphilly! x
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Sounds familliar to what happens in my work too.
Well done on resisting! Its not an easy thing to do but you managed it, you should be proud of yourself hun.
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I thrive when people say I can't do something, I'm one of those people who want to stick my fingers up and say 'Screw you I did it anyway!'
I'm from the 'wonderful city' of Newport!


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Next time he offers you a chocolate Celebration just think of them as little gift-wrapped turds. And giggle and say no thank you, you're going to wait til Christmas actually comes before you tuck in, and maybe tack on something jokey about how he's in training to fit into his Santa suit early?

Telling him quietly you're on a diet is only a good idea if you know he's not one of those asshat blokes who would humiliate you about it whilst thinking he's really really funny and not realising he's making you feel bad.
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I think its about 2 syns isnt it? Maybe 1.5 but I couldnt take a risk just guessing the syns. Especially when you can have 4 Mikado sticks for 2 syns!!


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Some people can only show apprecation for others through food - it is what we're taught to do in most societies. How many of us have tried to cheer someone (adult or child) up using food when we didn't know the right words to say. I know I've been guilty of it.
Is he your boss in some respects? Maybe it's his way of 'looking after his staff'. Not helpful to you when you're on a diet, but not malicious either. Maybe he even chose the Celebrations because they're 'only little' and he doesn't have that great an understanding of diets.

Celebrations are just brown lard - you don't want them!


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I would just sit back and think about the weight that they are all piling on while you are being all Saintly!
We have the same thing at my work....there is a cafe across the other building and the smells are wonderful...also the cook house (work on an airbase) is cheap and delicious too.
Once a month my colleagues cook up some bratwurst to raise money for charity and the smells from the kitchen drive me nuts! I just donate and leg it out of the kitchen as quickly as I can!

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I would just like to say how amazing I think you are - resisting all that crap that your colleagues stuff themselves with!!!

I'm very low on willpower, but getting a lot better (and getting better at feeling smug about it!!) but it's still very hard. My Mum is one of my biggest critics re my weight and also one of my biggest saboteurs (sp?) - offering me chocolate inches from my nose after I've declined dessert (even OH said it was a bit off!) but I will show her!

(Oh, and up Caerphilly - it's where I was born! :D )

Well done you and keep it up!!!! Think of those inches ;)

As my consultant says - nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!!!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
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Grrrrr ... don't people like that just need a good smack? lol

I would take a sweet every time he offered one, unwrap it and throw it in the bin in front of him. I'm positive he will stop offering you!

I had it when I stopped smoking, people still offering me them. At first I was all polite and reminding me that I didn't smoke, then I would just take them, crush them up and say 'thanks' :)

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