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Attack Attack day - HELP

Hi folks,

second day on attack, better than first so not complaining...start weight is 200lbs (target is 140lbs)so decided to do this phase for 14 days.

anyone out there in the same boat - the book says 60lbs or more to lose can do it over 7 days .
wondering if anyone has done, results, does it make a difference? or i just interpreted it wrong.

dunno how much i have lost on day one, i have resisted the urge to weigh incase i get disappointed/ de-motivated.

thanks in advance
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I think I read a maximum attack is 10 days, you want to make sure you don't get fed up on it and give up so it would be better to do 7-10 and then start Cruising which is where you steadily lose weight. You can then choose the ratio of PP days to PV days; either alternate days or 5 days PP followed by 5 days PV. It really does work, both my DH and I can vouch for that!


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If you log on to the official web site and put in your stats it'll tell you how long to do attack for. There is not necessarily anything to gain by doing Attack for too long. 14 days is far too long in my opinion.


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There's no way you need to do attack for that long. I would suggest 5 days for attack then move onto cruise. You will get a lighting start with attack, and 5 days will be plenty to set you off. You do carry on losing weight in cruise - it will be just as fast as attack in the beginning while you have more to lose.

Your body will thank you for moving to cruise sooner too. A fortnight without vegetables sounds like a terrible idea. Please think about moving to cruise sooner. I did 7 days attack with a similar starting weight and goal, and in hindsight realise that 5 days would have been ample for me.

You'll also appreciate the extra oatbran cruise gives you.
I only did 7 days atack but lost 9lbs (was rather big!), my DH did 10 days and lost slightly more but honestly, it's the cruise stage where you really lose - attack is a good motivator but there comes a point that your body stops losing it so fast.


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See how you feel after 5 days. You're not going to necessarily lose any more weight by doing an extra 2days of attack, and you will be in desperate need of the vitamins and minerals vegetables provide.

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