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Attack over, small loss, continue 1 more day?

Hi so yesterday was my last day of attack. According tot he website, Dr D tells me I should lose 0.8kg but I've lost 0.6 in 2 days, should I continue for 1 more day? I realise I'm already in the "healthy" BMI (although my body fat is still 28%) so is it that my loss won't be that great as other people?

I've only had 1.5 spoon of oatbran today with yoghurt. some prawns and some tinned mackeral. So I've not had that extra 0.5 spoon and no veg. I'm killing for some brocolli!

Well half the day is almost over, so I'm thinking to just continue another day of attack. But does anyone think it's a bad idea?
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dukan isnt really a diet for people already in a healthy bmi range therefore if you carry on you will find it slow and painful and no doubt cave in .....

it works differently to most diets and cant trick a healthy weight persons body into fast weight loss
My weight is healthy, but i have 28% body fat. Which is just under clinically obese! Weight and BMI don't really work for me as I have a tiny skeleton. Even when I weighed 50kg I was wearing a size 12. with 25% body fat. The same as BMI doesn't work for my boyfriend because he's into bodybuilding. His BMI is like 29, he weighs about 100kg! but he only has 7% body fat!

My doctor told me to lose about 10kg because all my fat is on my tummy and boobs and this is a high risk for heart disease which already runs in my family! and it should help my back pain which is exacerbated from big boobs :(

Thats why I'm not sure, because by BMI im healthy but actually if you look at me, I have a lot of fat, so I'm not sure if slow weight loss applies to me or not. and if I should continue attack because I'm going for fat loss, not really reducing bmi.


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attack will only give a short sharp shock to fat cells ....
When your on cruise the pp/pv settles loss into a pattern ...id not continue attack as it wont make a difference one you body adjusts to veg then protien days a loss may happen


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Scrumper's right, there's no need for you to continue with Attack. I'd switch to Cruise. Cruise still involves eating high protein and low carbs - therefore, should help to shift fat reserves, but is more varied, interesting, healthier and easier to stick to.

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