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Attention from men after losing weight


is happy being Yorkiegirl
I am getting a lot more attention from men since losing weight. I have just been away on residential with school and the bus driver was nearly falling over himself to chat me up. Got a bit gruesome in the end as he was taking things too far, but in the early stages I felt very flattered that he thought I was worth chatting up.
I have also had more blokes take notice of me, opening doors for me and all that. Never had that when I was at my biggest.
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has started again!!
It must be a lovely feeling. I have been married for nearly 17 years, but I reckon I could be a terrible flirt, if the opportunity arose!! (Not that it ever has.....LOL)

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:) Awww bless ya......I bet it makes you feel so good hun :) .

Just thought i'd share a story with you that i post back in janary this year.....

I've never been any good at accepting compliments but the other night at work i really enjoyed it....

One of my collegues is the type of lady that is very pretty, all the men fancy her, and gawd she knows it, she's not happy unless the attention is on her. When i first went on LL she made silly comments like "whats the point" and 2that sounds like a stupid diet, it'll never work" she would enjoy flashing food in front of me all the time, with comments like "oh, you can't have this, can you?". I haven'tworked with her for about 6 weeks and this week when she saw me she said "are you still on your stupid diet? Is it working? strange how she is the only one NOT to see the weight loss.

Well as the night went on one of our one duty doctors came onto the ward (most of the women fancy the ar*e off im), i also haven't seen him since i first began LL ( when i first started he was very supportive) he looked and me and said " hello, haven't seen you for ages, i see the diet is going really well?!.....looking good" i felt a little embarassed but it felt great because the MISS I LOVE MYSELF gave me a filthy look and returned with "Ha yer but will you keep it off when you start eating?"

Doc said to her "don't be ridicous course she will" again she didn't like it because for once the attention was not on her....LOL

When you get situation like that it makes it all worth it........And for once i accepted the complement.

Keep up the great work hun :)


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Bring it on Boy's!!!!

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One day at a time
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Good luck Yorkie for your date, I bet you are really excited, keep us updated on what he's like & how you get on.


is happy being Yorkiegirl
well it is someone I have known for a long time. I always thought, 'If I were single I could really go for you...'
I spent 2 days with him this week and got talking... etc etc and we are going out on Saturday night for a drink!!!


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Oh Anna that is big news --- oooh romance :)

Hope you have a wonderful time, you deserve to and I'm sure he will make sure you have a lovely night.



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Come on Anna....I need the whole story. I've read your blog from even before you started LL...........and it's not on there!!! you bad bad woman!! :whoopass: :D:p
I was just thinking that Coley, I read Annas yesterday and there weren't a mention.

Yes I do understand that. You have people who read your blogs from all walks and it's probably not the best place to discuss a first date ..... specially if the man in question know about your blog!

Oh very nice, I like that.

Thats FAB news, really pleased for you!! So far dont think I've been "noticed" by anyone but having been safely single for ages the prospect is scary but exciting IYKWIM but then again its been so long cant remember what you do on a date! Keep us updated & ike the prom make sure you do a date photo before you go out so we can see the date you!! Am excited for you!!! (Note to self - get life!!)

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