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back at slimming world

Hi Nicola,
I restarted back in November and would love to have a buddy that I can exchange emails and tips with. My first target is to get 1.5 stone off and then see where i need to go from there!

Helen x
Hi Nocola,

I lost 8.5 then went on holiday over christmas and put 3.5lbs on, lost 1.5lbs last week and have been really good all week so hoping for another lost at weigh in on tuesday!

Do you go to class or weigh in at home?

Do you know how we can private message? or shall we just keep updating each other on this thread?

im hoping for a good loss as its my first week fingers crossed.i get weighed at class its great i live right beside it.my weight now is 12st 5lbs :cry:.my heavist weight was 13st 9lbs i found a photo of myself at a wedding and didnt reconise myself.have 2 shift this weight .realy like sw.what day u get weighed .r u weighing at home or at class?not sure how to private txt.
My start weight was 13st 5lbs (although i had lost 2 stone in the year before joining slimming world so 13st 5 wasnt my heaviesy :( I weigh 12st 13lbs at the mo.

Weigh in is tuesday night and i'm going to class (fingers crossed for a loss) Unfortunately i seem to have small loses, but trying not to be disappointed and just keep going in the right direction.

How i've done so far........
week 1 = - 6lbs
week 2 = stayed the same
week 3 = -1.5lbs
week 4 = -1
week 5 = + 0.5lbs (no idea why)
week 6 & 7 = + 3.5lbs but was away on holiday
week 8 = - 1.5lbs

Helen x
When's you weigh day?

Oh and i'm 5'8" so need to lose at least 1 st 3lbs to be at the top end of my healthy weight range, hence needing to lose at least 1st 7lbs.

Going to try and work out how to private message as dont want to put my email here where the whole world can see it :eek:
Logging off now, but i'll be back on tomorrow evening (after work)

We'll keep in touch on this thread until we work it out lol

Stick at it!! We can do it :)
Helen x
hi every one my name is nicola i started sw (again) on thursday.lost 2 1/2 st before but put 1 1/2 back on:cry:now im back and want to lose 3st by may 22nd for my daughters communion day :D anyone else only starting out i love someone 2 go along with good luck everyone :p.
Hi and welcome :) i am also a returner.. lol, good luck to you. I have my brothers wedding to go to in may, something also to aim for.

Hi Nicola
Hows your day been? On plan?
Helen x
hi helen how u get on 2 day? i done great till i ate tomarrow nights dinner.i made a big pot of irish stew 4 the kids but had a large bowl myself :mad: dont no y i wosent even hungry.hope it wont make 2 much difference lots of speed fods till thursday.how u think u done for tomarrow .
Hi Nicola, Just on my lunch break at work so will ahve to be quick!
I've been really good all week, so really hoping for a loss tonight. I feel really bloated though :( I think i'll cry if i havent lost this week!

Hope you're having a good day and haven't given in to any more temptation. I'll update you when i get home tonight!

Helen x
Hi Nicola,

Have you stuck to plan today?

I lost 1lb this week. Bit disapointed as i really had been 100% on plan, but i guess i should be happy that i lost. I just seem to lose so slowly. People in class say how they had a bad day or a take away or something and they still lose more than me, bit disheartening but hey ho!

Helen x
dont be 2 dissapointed just get stuck back in 4 next week,havent had a good day myself but trying not 2 let it get 2 me ,tomarrows another day we can only do r best let me no how u get on.we can do it xxx
Its just so frustrating when you stick to it and dont have good loses :cry: oh well hopefully next week will be better.

Went to my sisters for dinner tonight and she made Lamb Dansak out of the slimming world magazine, It was really nice!

Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Its your weigh in thursday isnt it - doog luck x
hi helen hows ur day been ?had a (really) bad one myself at work .left house without breakfast and went 2 bakery,not a good idea.starting teck on friday so last day at work 2maro ill get my self sorted.sorry i havent been much help 2 u so far but back on treck 2maro.xx
Hi Nicola,

Never mind draw a line under it, tomorrows another day :) we can do this!

I've got a really bad chocolate craving tonight and havent even got any syns left to play with :) I normally try to have syn free meals and syns for snacks, but we had to get the gas man out today as had no heating when we got home from work, so didnt have time to spend ages in the kitchen, we had a curry out of the freezer that i made ages ago, 4 syns a portion so not too bad, but i spent the rest of my sysns on mango chutney and mini naan bread :break_diet:Could have been worse, i could have managed a full size naan bread but didnt want to go over my syns!

Good luck for tomorrow, let me know how you weigh in goes xx

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