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Back from a 2 week holiday to Florida and .........

Ive put on 8 pounds :p:p:p:p the pokey tongue smiley is because quite frankly i dont care :p i had the most amazing time in Orlando and just enjoyed myself. Ive not had an official weigh in (thats not till tuesday) will try get a load off before then lol!

Have been back since 8am this morning (a tad jet lagged :jelous: ) havnt slept since thursday night :jelous: but have had my shakes today all 4 as per and feel raring to go

This is to anyone going on holiday that is worried because i was gonna do SS+ on hols..hmmmm who was i kidding :D since starting cambridge ive been 100% in the first 9 weeks. No cheating, ever.

No big deal... im back now and ready for another 12 on SS+
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I WILL be thin!!
Who is anyone kidding if they think they can diet in Florida1?! Thats a good result and food over there is amazing anyway. Any time I have dieted then gone to Florida, I just enjoy it. I earned it so I will have what I want. All that walking there helps anyway.
Well done for that result and for getting straight back on the wagon.
Sounds like you had a great holiday! Try and get some sleep and well done for starting cd straight away! x x
lol trueblue and we walked :eek: and walked :eek: through the various parks!!! and swam every day :D at the pool we had so i think really...i didnt do too bad :cool: oh and its totm for me..so maybe i can take 3 pounds off that?? :D:D:D

*tots up more exuses*


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon..
Welcome back sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!
That 8 lbs will be off in no time.. Well done you for jumping straight.. thats fantastic..
Heres to a great week ahead x
Sounds like you had a fab time! We're off in 50 days...not that I'm counting.
You haven't put on too much! I think that's not bad considering it's Orlando.
curly - well done on becoming a CDC!! ive just seen awwwww really pleased for you, i'll come to you if mine ever packs it in as you aint far lol!

watergirl : im so jealous your going, we're booking up flights next month as soon as they available for next july! make sure you visit seaworld new Manta ride OMG its amazing ...v.v.v.scary.
Looks a lot like Air at Alton Towers, although will no doubt be better! There aren't many vids on youtube of it, with it being so new.
What were your favourite bits? Best meals? Oops, maybe shouldn't ask that in case people get tempted!
:rolleyes:watergirl- it thrashes the ass off air at AT...trust me!!! Manta is a floorless ride and you ride face down like air but alot bigger and faster eeeeeek i went on 3 times lmao

Fave meals were at Longhorn steakhouse yummy..and dont worry im not tempted talking about it, ive done my holiday all behind me now :D (well the food part)

Universal is still amazing, sealworld Shamu awwwwww go seaworld and experince the killer whale shows and make sure you sit in the splash zone :D:D

I didnt rate Disney World (sorry to any disney lovers) FAR too 'twee' for me even our kids didnt like it (9 & 6 yrs old) 'too happy' lolol but i know thats what disney is.
Amateur!! the last time I went to Florida I put on 18lbs in 2 weeks!! :eek: Was doing SW at the time and she made me get off the scales and back on as she thought her scales were faulty ;). Don't forget that some of the weight will be from just the bulk of the food going through you at the moment so as soon as that has gone, you'll be well on your way to losing the 8lbs.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm Ponderosa breakfasts, Golden Corral Steakhouse
(we are going back next year to see the new Harry Potter stuff at Universal but I get more excited thinking about the buffets! Is that wrong?:cool:)
Know what you mean about Disney, but for me that's purely because of the rides. I love universal for the rides, but there are some good ones at Disney, like Rock n Rollercoaster.

My fav park is Busch for all the coasters :)

I am off diet when I go, as I hope to get to goal before then, go on holiday and then just be sensible reduce any weight gain from the holiday afterwards. I want to end CD on 19th Sep forever!!!

18lbs boardwitless!!!! Omg that's impressive lol. What did you eat? From looking on the Dibb forum that I go on a lot of people actually lose weight with all the walking that they do.
I love seafood and chicken and am not fussed for puddings, so hoping that I won't go too crazy. Also not really planning on drinking, as it gets in the way of the early park starts! However, planning trips to places like the cheesecake factory and I do love cheesecake. Can see it all going to pot....
8lbs is nothing for a holiday gain, well done!! The heat and all the walking/swimming probably did some damage limitation ;)

Well done for getting straight back on it!

It's great out there innit? We went out back in 2003 and had a ball, it was our last big holiday before we had kids. We rented a bright yellow Mustang convertible to drive round in :D

Seaworld was great. I'm a bit of a space nut so we did Kennedy Space Centre. We were there when they launched one of the Mars rovers (pure coincidence, we are NASCAR fans and went to watch them race at Daytona), and found this beautiful seafood resteraunt out Coral(?) Beach way. The food there was just superb, so you did very well to only put on 8
oh dont your are all getting me very excited. the bf and i have booked up for January and i cant wait!

was there in January and it was my last big blow out and i started the diet a week after getting home. so going back a year on will be a celebration of how far i've come.

I too also lost weight when i was away becuase of all the walking even though I just ate and drank whatever I wanted.

mrsessex was the new coaster at universal open yet?
I did Orlando last year when I'd been doing CD for 3 months and I managed to put on 6lbs when I was there!:p (I didn't care either:p).
The following week I'd lost that 6lbs plus an extra 1lb just to show off!;)
Glad you had a fantastic time there I love Orlando and were off back there next May (all booked already, check the countdown in my signiture!:D), but this time I'll be at target!;)
Im having a terrible job getting back onto CD since my holiday, <cries> it's really getting to me, just cant get it, I have all the same reasons for wanting to lose weight, as I did before my holiday.

Jo B

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Amateur!! the last time I went to Florida I put on

Forgive me butting into your thread! I was in Arizona for two weeks last year, got gastric flu (don't ask!), didn't eat AT ALL for 5 days, then was only allowed to eat Bananas, Rice, Applesauce or toast for another 2 days and still put on 7lbs! Without that I would have been up around the 18-20lbs mark!

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