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Back pain again...advice?

Hiya, still 100% :)
But...My back pain is back and i'm now in severe pain. I think its sciatica as it was in my bum cheek last week and now its in my thigh and calf. Its so bad that the only relief is lying flat. Walking around is ok for a few minutes then it gets so severe i'm crying out in pain and running to the sofa for relief.
So I have strong painkillers prescribed for this same problem years ago. Paracetamol is not helping much so do you think I could take my co-codamol. I'm aware it may affect ketosis. I'm really concerned about the health aspect as in alcohol being a no no. Anyone had any yes or no to this?
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Here we go again!
Just want to say that I can totally sympathise with you! I had a slightly prolapsed disc in my back which caused major sciatica nearly 2 months ago. I'm still not 100% yet but almost. It's so painful isn't it? Standing still, walking and sitting were all really painful. Didn't know what to do with myself for the first week. Glad you can down those painkillers, hope it's helping.

Hope you're feeling better soon.
I had an attack of this in December of last year, it had been revving up for a few weeks, kept getting a cold/numb sensation down the top of my thighs...one morning, I woke up and was in a complete panic, I could barely feel my legs or walk! When I did manage to get out of bed....jeez, I cannot describe the pain I was in!! It tooks several weeks to calm down. I really feel for you right now. I was told by my GP the worst thing to do was to lie down....


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Oh size10 that's awful. My OH had a disc removed a few years ago and he was in terrible pain with sciatica - up till then I 'thought' I'd had it a couple of times but no way. Poor you. I hope the painkillers kick in soon and that it settles down. x


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have you tried asking your Dr if you could be prescribed Tramadol. I get that for my arthritic pains but when that does only but numb it slightly i take liquid paracetamol and have someone massage arnica oil with lavender water into my affected areas. Which just about eases the pain. But please make an appointment and see your Dr and you never know they may end up referring you to the hospital. my cousin suffers from sciatica and i understand how bad it can get.
Good Luck with you Doctor
Thankyou everyone, you are all lovely. The painkillers are working a treat, I feel like I have had a glass of wine ;) the pain is eliminated by lying down and I can potter about and do stuff for a while now before it starts up. xx


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Poor you! Have you thought about going to see a physiotherapist? I had a really bad back last summer, and she did wonders even in the first session. Well worth the expense!


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I know how you feel, I have a terribly bad back, I pretty much live with a constant level of discomfort which can flair up at any time, it's awful! I didn't even realise co codamol might have been an issue...I couldn't live without them (only discovered them a year ago when in labour, amazing things!)
Glad you are feeling better, take it easy!
Hi thanks for the replies. I did type out a big message earlier and it disappearred grr so to recap -will ask dr about tramadol, had physio before so doing exercises. I'm pain again today but moderate level due to tablets. xxxxxx


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Good Luck with your Dr and maybe ask them for a blood test to find out what your Vitamin D and Calcium levels are. Good Luck once again and hope to back soon

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