BANG!!!!!!! did you hear that.


Going to do this......
I have fell from a great height off the wagon today...............I was doing so well,cant believe it,my problem is if i am unhappy or excited I eat. Today we made a decision and have put down a deposit on a home (ruin) in Portugal, was so happy i ate. then went to pub and had a veg burger and a Belgian waffle which i could not eat and do you no what. did not taste good.Soooooooooooooo tomorrow jumping straight back on the 7.00 wagon
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Congratulations on your exciting news and good luck getting back on the wagon tomorrow. Focus will be the key with Xmas and your exciting news too it will take a lot of focus to get back on track so keep your mind on staying abstinent all day long! Good Luck!!

Dizzy x


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That certainly could have been worse. Why wait until tomorrow to get back on track though?

Great news about the house! How exciting!


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Congrats on your news. Just pick yourself up sis, these things happen glad you are still positive.


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Fab news wonder you're excited!! :D

As for this falling off the wagon malarky....what about you ditch the wagon so that there's nothing to fall off in future and just concentrate on doing what you know is gonna give you what you truly want! Think about in terms of how you want to look, how you want to feel, what you want people to be able to say to you and how you'll respond to them...what will you be wearing at the time....then make your choices accordingly but keep recalling what you want in your'll soon become second nature as will your good choices!

Good luck, hun and let me know how you get on....x


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hey supergran,

as falling off the wagons go, I think there is little chance of major damage from what you have described and you should bounce back up faster than a Premiership Footballer after diving and not winning a foul.

So get back on your wagon and ride for them there hills - yihaa!


Going to do this......
Thanks for the good advice.been back on CD as soon as i left the pub, been glugging and just waiting to go pink. jumped on scales this morning the jumped off very quickly as two pounds were added, hopefully it should come off just as quick not touching my ticker untill 3 pounds have gone

Have a very slim day todat everyone


Going to do this......
If i stray over christmas, think i will allow myself to go on 1200 plan JUST in case till boxing day then i am back down to 790 after that. Dont think i will be strong enough withh all the guests i have over chrimbo,

Good luck to all who are SS's over christmas.and a skinny new year.


Hair today - gone tomorra
S: 25st13lb C: 19st13lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 6st0lb(23.14%)
am i correct in thinking that vodka taken with diet tonic doesn't affect ketosis - thinking of alternatives to fine ales and wine if I cannot stay dry.

may not be on ll yet but trying to train the brain - hence my affinity to supegrans conundrum


Going to do this......
sorry dont no about vodka, but thinking back i did have whiskey when i was doing atkins...

STILL cant wait for christmas day to be finished so i can get back on CD. I AM FED UP OF FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makes me feel so sluggish and bloated never though i would sat that.