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Bank Robbery !!

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Two would-be thieves were surprised as they attacked the RuralCaixa bank in Benissa in broad daylight, and two others escaped. It was 2 pm when the attack was undertaken using a sledgehammer and a huge rock to break the glass and gain access to the bank, which although it was closed to the public, still had employees inside as they were loading cash into the ATM machine. Both detainees are British and are believed to be wanted for robbery with violence in the UK
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We saw this taking place and the arrest, which was very fast .

We were coming out of our solicitors office which is opposite the bank and saw them with the huge rock , it took 2 of them to swing it and the big metal pole they used to try and smash the glass door in. It was just yards away from the police station and on the main road....what idiots.

Our village is so sleepy normally and we only every suffer the most petty of crimes. It created the most excitment the village has known in decades.

Sad to see that it was Brits'.
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They would probably qualify for that American programme 'Worlds Dummest Criminals' Glad you are ok. xx
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
Blimey, shocking! Hope you're ok! x
We are fine thank you. I wanted to stay and see what happened but hubby said no, let's get on with what we are doing. We drove down the road and at the roundabout more police had stopped a car and had 2 guys with their hands behind their backs and handcuffed......don't envy them. Spanish police have a slightly different "attitude"
to law breakers.

They would probably qualify for that American programme 'Worlds Dumbest Criminals' Glad you are ok. xx
Most, most definitely.

Madness, they were so dumb lol
without doubt. They only had to ring the bell for access and they could have walked in and robbed the bank and been away before anyone knew.

Wow how exciting, but it's such a shame its Brits & once again giving us a bad name.
I know H.H. it makes me so ashamed at times. Sometimes I insist to Paul that we only speak in Spanish when we are around bad behaviour.

What a shock for you.

Irene xx
It was really. It was totally unexpected. So shocking.
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oh goodness mess. what a day you must have had. glad to see you are ok. don't blame you for wanting to speak only spanish when around bad foreign behaviour. it just makes me so made, some british citizens just behaviour so badly when aboard. glad that the spanish police have a tougher approach than uk. just wish as a country we would change our approach to criminals, the system in the uk needs to change.

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