Bargain Scales


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I just had to tell everybody about my new scales.

They are the type that measure body fat and water and cost just £8.99 from a shop called Home Bargains which has stores all over the north west / midlands.

I've had a good play with them and it seems I am 25% fat and 56% water which says I'm fit bordering on a little bit plump.

I can't wait to weigh one of my clients with them!

H x
I,ve got tthose scales too, got them just before christmas :)

Dont you just love home bargains lol its a great shop, great for branded name stuff at a fraction of the price

Nikki x
Nikki - Home Bargains is my favourite shop, I can't believe the bargains I have got over the years. I'm forever buying toys for the kids to put away for birthdays/Christmas. Today along with my scales I got 2 Care Bears for my girls £1.50 each!! The only problem is I nip in there for something and then end up buying loads!

DQ - They do have a website but you can't buy online - the website shows you where the stores are.

H x
its a great shop slinks, toys in there are amazing, toiletries etc all brand name, they even do food lol, and loads of household bits and bobs.

Nikki x
Blimey :eek:

I thought my Lloyd's Pharmacy ones were a bargain at £15 reduced from £50 but they look stunning in glass and silver.

I bought them the day before yesterday and weighed myself yesterday morning in the nude and having just used the loo :eek:

The good news was that I came in at 10st 13.6lbs! I was in the 10's :eek:

My body fat %age and bmi were well within normal too. Now all I have to do is get these same great results in the evening too so that I am not ok in the morning but overweight in the evening or TOTM, oh and sort out my waist/hips ratio which is still over the recommended 0.8 :)
How cool, ive not even heard about the shop and there is one in the big town next to me, Im off tomorrw!
Care bears at 1.50, bargain of the centuary