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Beauty tips needed!!!!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Okay now im looking after my body better i thought i'd look after my skin, in particular my face :jelous:

I've never really been a girly girl with all the products under the sun, i have make up and a flanel :8855:
So at the weekend i thought id treat myself to some face wash, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I bought the new "Simple" range at Asda because i think they're a pretty reasonable make.

So i've been using it for a few days and the first noticable difference is that my face is spottier than ever :mad: wtf am i doing wrong?? :mad: Shall i just give up :rolleyes: But i did think that maybe its because my skin isnt used to it and its adjusting?! :confused:

Arghhhhhh being a woman is soooo hard!! :giggle:
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Hi Shabba - like you I bought the Simple range a few weeks back and had the same reaction. I find that I can only use a facecloth and hot water on my face (for some strange reason). I do use moisturiser - Clinique or L'Oreal. But find that all the other stuff just irritate me.
Like you I thought that Simple would be the safest bet - what with the name and that.
keep going. i am a beauty therapist and used to work for clinque for years, and we always used to say that your skin might be bad before gets better, as it will be getting rid of all the muck underneath. keep going.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Cheers guys,

I am hoping it will be just clearing out the bad stuff :giggle: Im just annoyed i look worse than ever LOL I've only used it for a few days so i may keep going for a while and see how it goes.


Grappling with life

I too was always told that your skin adjusts to a new regime so bear with the spots!

I too can highly recommend Clinique, they have several varieties of one product to suit different skin types. I use a lot of clinique make up as well, their mascara is fab. If you really like to keep to a budget though pears soap is always a winner with me and superdrugs own offering on the simple line, not sure what it is called - simply pure?

I have recently bought the simply pure facial wash and spf moisturiser as I am seriously trying to cut down my beauty spending, both products have given me no reaction at all.

x x
your face does get worse first before better because like others have said it gets rid of the gunk first lol :) it is worth it have your face lovely and smooth in no time, also try no fragrances stuff, i had to use this at first because i had an reaction to the stuff some companies put in their products! :)
As said, keep at it :)

Get a good face masque too, I love the elemis lavender calming mask, you can get samples on ebay but it will be great for your skin right now, it's designed for breakouts. Smells LUSH and its ace to sit in your pj's with a masque on hehe.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Thanks guys! The simple stuff is fragrance free so at least i got that right :giggle:

I shall look into a face mask when i go shopping next :D always nice to chillax in the bath with one on
I changed to Liz Earle a couple of months ago after it was recommended to me by someone, its a tad pricey but its botanical and is really lovely, its my little luxury for myself!
... I had quite bad acne as a teenager luckily it hasnt scarred but I still get flare ups now and again this stuff seems to work ok but like you when i first started using it my skin was horrid for a while, definately gets worse before it gets better its just your skin adjusting to a new regime and balancing itself out again, and ridding itself of toxins and nasty stuff :)

stick with it hun youll notice the difference soon :)... bit like ww really lol!


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