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Hi mollypop,

Well done for getting started. I'm starting on Tuesday. I think from reading through the posts on this forum you are best to take each day at a time. I'm sure that the results you see at your first weigh in will make your journey worth while. Good luck and keeps us posted on how you r doing.

Hi mollypop, welcome i am new too i have just had my first weigh in and lost 12 and half pound i cant believe it keep going the first week i found really hard too but as you can see its well worth it:) my hardest day i found was yesterday i just wanted to eat every thing in sight and im so pleased i was strong and this web site has helped me so much last week the people are so nice on here and really give you the support good luck and just think of the end results:devilangel:
Thanks guys that's great well done god if I lose anything near that I would be over the moon. Feeling quite good today actually but it's only 2pm lol
hey molly:) good luck, though you don't need luck just determination! just keep at it missy, you'll find that the weeks really do fly, seems like yesterday was my first day, and I'm now starting week 6 and 2 stone down, just visualise a slimmer you, and take a 'before' pic and keep looking at it! it helps!
hahaha, yeah I know what you mean. I saw a picture of my dressed as a pirate at a party, and I was disgusted, I just look so huge!
im now on day four and i must day its going ok. i thought id have a full week of hungry but im not really noticing it. keeping busy at work so thats good. thou today at work my groups (im a youth worker) are having popcorn with their dvd and i can smell it everywhere lol just keep drinking water to keep me full and avoiding the scent lol ive also started using the viboplate at my local gym to try to tone as i loose.
hi guys day six now going well had to go buy the fiberclear thou. hope it helps me lol only bad thing is i forgot my shake for work today so im sitting here feeling quite hungry. im going to have to go home in my break grr
hi molly pop thats a brilliant weightloss in one week and imagine the next week weight loss i am on day 8 of the lipotrim diet and i find drinking the water stops me feeling hungry have you tried the choc hot made with peppermint tea , i really like it if you havent maybe worth ago definately helps anyway good luck with next weeks weigh in xx
oh thats quite a good idea i might give it a go it would taste like mint hot chocolate then?? i hope i have a good week this week. the person who weighs me ask me if i had been picking i was so annoyed cos i really havent grrr
its as near as mint choc as you can get :) also mix with coffee i didnt like that but you may , can't believe the person who weighed you was so synical so soon, i luckily havent felt the urge to pick and i guess its cos i know i have to do it this time but i have been picking up lots of tips from on here like useing ice in the shakes and apparently we are allowed sweetners in tablet form( never knew that ) will definately look forward to seeing yr weight loss next week xx
I no I'm starting to dislike him he's been quite sharp to my friend too. Ya there are great ideas on here I am really enjoying the checking in everyday it's a nice distraction from the diet and work lol
is there no one else you can see, i have to say that this website is a genuine life saver and definately really helps, every now and then i have a slight worry that its gonna be a long time before i taste food , buti try and focus as to y i am doing it , but occasionally its hard liek right now my husband is cooking his tea chicken keivs and yes i cud kill for it, although i aint hungry lol almost a form of torture xx

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