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Being social and chubby vs. slim and boring?!

During the week it's easy, I have no time to eat at work anyway. But at weekends when you go clubbing, drink alot then end up at the chip shop, or have long slow pub lunches, it is so hard! I love going out, but it is hard given that when i'm drunk chips are so hard to resist, and even though to be honest I'm not crazy about pub food, we all share a few dishes so i'd have to order my own and I think my friends would be miffed. Do you think I'll still lose weight if I diet 5 days a week and relax it at the weekends?
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I'm sure it could work if you were quite strict during the week but I wouldn't go too hardcore at the weekend. A wee indulgence won't matter! Maybe set your weigh in day to a friday too.

Goodluck! x

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I tend to be stricter in the week and then treat myself at weekends, this has worked for me on CC and low carb. BUT. That doesn’t mean you can completely cane it every weekend! If you do, you will not lose weight. Trust me!

Have a look at some online calorie counters and see exactly how many calories you are consuming when you go clubbing. Alcohol, I am extremely sorry to say, is massively calorific in all its forms. If you actually, honestly work out the calorie damage of a night out, I think you will be shocked, I know I was!

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop going out altogether! Try alternating alcoholic drinks with low cal soft drinks – you can still have a good time without caning it. And if you absolutely must get a take away afterwards, and a kebab house is available, get a pitta with loads of salad and, if necessary, a bit of chicken, without any fatty sauces. You may not fancy it as much as chips but it will fill you up just as well, and then your cravings should pass. But better still, wait until you get home and have something that you’ve planned ahead for – a pre-prepared low fat cheese butty, a pack or two of Weight Watchers/Light Choices potato snacks, or tub of Splendips, something you can just grab & scoff.

As for the pub lunches – be honest with your friends about your goals, I’m sure if they are true friends they will understand and accommodate you.

Ah, advice – I can dish it out but I sure can’t follow it meself! ;)
I would just say that yeah losing weight is important to us all or obviously we wouldn't be here. But at the end of the day you have a life to live aswell! Just enjoy yourself! Im not saying go MAD! lol, but just make sure that during the week you give it your all. You are bound to still lose weight if your changing your eating habbits during the week. You could also just do a bit more exercise if you've been out at the weekend! Just don't let dieting take over your life! :) hope that helps xxx
This is exactly the problem I have. For example, this week I was asked out to the pub for a meal last night, a chinese tonight, a pub lunch tomorrow and nights out on Friday and Saturday - this is why I put weight on in the first place!

However, I have lost weight in the past few weeks even though I have had a few off days and still had my nights out. I think it is because I have been having very low days - about 900/1000cals, so it kind of all works out in the end, as well as the added exercise.

Everything in moderation...!
I hate that when you get asked to do loads of things that all involve lots of calories!! hehe! you still have to have fun and enjoy things cus if u deprive yourself too much chances are you will just end up bingeing anyways! I say pick one day where you can be more flexible shall we say!! doesnt mean you have to go nuts, just a day where lets say u don't have to write it all down! then make sure the other 6 days ur on top form! :) xxx

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Gah, it's so difficult to make 'right choices' when everyone else is pigging out with a three course banquet! Chinese & Indian are the worst, I know there are heathier choices on the menu but when everyone else is stuffing their faces... :mad:

The other week I went for an Indian with the other half's family, and I only ordered a chicken shashlik and a gobi aloo while they shared a huge order of various starters, mains and sides. I felt very self-conscious, strangely embarrassed. Then at the end they split the bill equally!!!! I ended up paying £25 for my two measly dishes. :eek::eek::eek:
Thanks for the advice!!
The weight I lost so far I lost whilst still having the weekly vodka followed by cheesy chip night, but that was before I started exercising, and during the week I'd be very very restrictive (900/1000, if that), which was so so unhealthy but I was stressed and short if time. Right now though I'm exercising every other day (jogging, cycling, martial arts), and I need to eat around 1300.. the toast cravings are unstopable! Going out I try to stick to vodka or wine with low calorie mixers and steer clear of long cocktails. Maybe the chips can be shared between three of us? Still naughty, but that's ok, as long as I don't undo the good I'm doing in the week. I'm sure getting a little less squiffy will help, too.

As for the pub meals, we're having a healthy picnic followed by one pub snack and one pudding shared between the three of us. Not the diet option, but hardly a binge either. Also makes it less likely said friends will pelt me with whatever fried foods I'm saying no to.
That all sounds fine to me! Just remember you have to be happy aswell! otherwise u will just get annoyed and feel uve deprived yourself and just eat more than u would of in the first place! Im 18 so im not stoppin goin out 4 no1! haha! :) good luck xxx

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