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Best online Food diary ?

Have been playing around with the one on the Fitbug site but am finding it a pain to use. :mad:

Am just wondering what others use to help keep track of their daily food intakes etc. Any recommendations ?

I keep seeing WLR mentioned but not sure who that is :rolleyes: .


Deb x
Hi Deb - WLR is weight loss resources....

Weight Loss Resources

I have used it in the past...it's good....membership costs about £7 per month....but you can sign up for a 3-day FREE trial.....

hope that helps


Hiya Deb - i agree with Debz :D WLR is a great site, you do have to pay for it, I used for a long time before doing CD, and it's far superior to Fitbugs (not difficult LOL).

I've also used dailydiettracker.com or is it dietdailytracker.com?? No I think it's the first one, which is free and ok, but not as good as WLR. What I do like with Fitbug that it's taking into account not only any exercise I do each but how many calories I'm using in my daily steps each day, which you couldn't put in anywhere else. Will persevere for now :p


Gone fishing
Another vote for WLR. Fab food diary, and the more I look others, the more I realise it can't be beaten IMO


Silver Member
thanks everyone for the details.

Am playing with WLR and after struggling with Fitbugs its a delight to use. So easy and everything I have put in has been found. Its a synch to use. !!

Just wish Fitbug would get their act together and sort theirs out as would really like to just use one programme for everything.

Again thanks for the site info. :)


Silver Member
Found another one :) thats quite good too.

Calorie Counter

You can sign up for a free trial and its very easy to use, what I like is that can enter my steps manually or any other forms of exercise.

I quite like this one, wish fitbugs site was as easy to use. You dont get the fancy graphs like you do on WLR but as long as I can record my food EASILY, and watch the cal & fats etc, I am happy.

See how easily pleased I am. :D

It does set targets with the exercise too. So again thats a nice feature.

I think if Fitbug hasnt improved by the end of my months free membership I will sign up with Nutracheck.

Will let you know how get on.

Deb x


Gone fishing
Found another one :) thats quite good too.

Calorie Counter

You can sign up for a free trial and its very easy to use, what I like is that can enter my steps manually or any other forms of exercise.
You can do that on WLR though you know. Okay...not steps, but steps are are very rough gauge of how your doing. Steps carrying stuff...steps uphill/down hill will burn different amounts. There's loads of walking ones on WLR though and it works out how many calories you've burnt and adds it to your food diary.

Though you can't add steps, your fitbug will tell you how long you've walked for, or how many calories, and you can add either of them.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it in case you missed it :)


Gone fishing
I've just signed up to Nutracheck for a 5 day trial. Like to try new things out :D


Gone fishing
Okay...first thoughts.

I like the layout :)

I like being able to put in my steps.

Things I don't like so far (guess I'm getting rather picky)

Inputting todays food.
No hovis seeded bread
No sero bar
Can only input certain weights of butter, I want 6g, the lowest I can go is 7g. Sometimes I only have 3g (on my malt loaf)
No go lower bar (planned for tomorrow)
No tesco mini cheesecake (just eaten)
Have got asda skimmed milk, but can't enter 1/2 pt.

Okay...I could enter this manually, but like fitbug, it will only stay in my records. I really find it so much better if everyone has info others have put in. Makes the database grow much quicker.

Inputting the steps, is a slightly dodgy one. I've mentioned that I am relatively inactive. On WLR, you only add what you don't usually do, as the quite inactive selection already takes into account a certain amount of day to day activity (going to the loo etc). Entering all your steps would make it inaccurate wouldn't it?

Maybe I've just got used to WLR, but I'll keep going for the next 4 days anyway.

As I say....like the layout. Looks very cool :)


Silver Member
I like the layout of Nutracheck too, and the simplicity of it. :D

But having said that, just gone back to WLR and entered todays food, and have to say I think it is better. :p ;)

Playing around with WLR, I have just entered my early grey tea and herbal drinks for the day and was suprised to see they have calories too. :eek:.... sneaky ! :coffee:

Interestingly as I still want to loose a few pounds. WLR its giving me 1100 calories for the day whereas Nutracheck is saying 1400! :scale:

I am going to drive myself bonkers playing with these and trying to decide which one to go for. :giggle: :D


Gone fishing
I am going to drive myself bonkers playing with these and trying to decide which one to go for. :giggle: :D
Know the feeling. I did the rounds a couple of years ago. Decided WLR didn't completely fit my deeds, looked elsewhere but found it suited me better than the others.

Anyway....I have news from WLR. Will put it on the fitbug thread

I've used Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople its american but you can input food manually. I like it because you can track weight and exercise goals, get nifty little graphs to monitor inches lost, how many calories you've eaten, how many carbs, protein, fat, fibre etc you've had, in fact you can track nearly any type of nutrients you like. You can also track lots of other goals.

The exercise section also has little video demo's of how to do the exercise - there are lots. I also like it because you can adapt it to suit your needs. There's also a forum and you can set up a blog.

In fact I've just realised how much I like it and can't wait till I finish SSing so I can calorie count on it - how sad am I!

Baileys x


Silver Member
Finally.. have made my decision which online diet site to go on... and the winner is......

WLR!! :D

decided for the money etc, its well worth having for a few months to see how get on with it. Having fun imputting my grub for the day...and getting nice little charts etc. Hubby thinks I am a real sad so&so! (but hey if it keeps my weight off and helps me loose those last few pounds so be it!! I dont mind being sad!! :p )

One interesting thing that has come out for me is that its showing that I am having way too many carbs and not enough fats in my daily diet ?? (probably explains why my skin is so dry :eek: ).

Thanks for all the help everyone in helping me on my little journey to find which one to use.

Deb x


Gone fishing
I'm glad you chose WLR;) Being a big fan myself (in case you hadn't noticed :D)

The percentage thing is really handy isn't it. I try to keep around those figures, though not obsessively so.

Don't think I could have managed the maintenance bit without WLR.

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