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Bethanys Positive Diary

Hello everyone
I have decided that I am going to carry on doing weight watchers as It is a easy plan to do If you follow it right which I have not been doing . Now I have changed from being negative to positive I am going to use all my points and see what weight I lose by doing that I know everyone keeps telling me to eat all my points but I was not taking any notice . But it Is a fresh positive start .

But there Is one thing I dont know wether to do It on my own and get weighed once a week as the ww meeting I go to the leader weighs members and by the time she has finished it is 7 15pm nearly time to to go and not going to learn anything in that bit of time so a bit undecided what to do any advise would be appreciated by anyone .
I like this forum as everyone pulls together and helps one another which is what we want when losing weight . Im more happier now im more positive was sick of being all negative .
Good Luck all
Take Care:)
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Good on ya Bethany:clap:
I dont know wether to do It on my own and get weighed once a week as the ww meeting I go to the leader weighs members and by the time she has finished it is 7 15pm nearly time to to go and not going to learn anything in that bit of time
That's unfortunately, but though you might not learn anything, there is a lot to be gained from having to turn up somewhere at a set time to get weighed.

You need a lot of self discipline to keep to the diet whilst weighing yourself once a week.

I reckon you should stick to the meetings myself.


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Hi Bethany,

So very pleased to hear you so up beat and positive.

I think myself the act of getting weighed in class can help to keep the focus and you also get whatever hand outs is for the week with new recipes etc.

I know here where I live some just go for the weigh in and don't stay for the classes. When I was going I did stay for the classes as I did find them helpful, but there again it does depend on your leader.

I have almost a week done myself back on the wagon.

Feeling more positive as well:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Karion and Mini
I think you are right about going to the meetings when you get weighed yourself you can easy give in but with meetings you know you are getting weighed infront of people and get what ever leaflets there is


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Great to hear you sounding a lot more positive about things Bethany!

That is the reason I go to the meetings, because someone else is looking at my weigh I know i'll will stick to it. If I did it myself at home I would drop off for a few days and think no problem I can sort it out next week and never get anywhere. I have to admit I dont stay for the meeting I only go to get weighed and then I come home. I have a OH and a Little Boy at home that cant cope with out me lol.

I would say go for a while Bethany and see how you get on. If after a while you feel that you are self disciplined enough to do it on your own then go for it but if not then keep going to the meeting and you will achieve whatever you want to. xx
Wow, what a nice change to see you so much more positive - keep it up!

I would recommend going to the meetings to be weighed. Like many people, I go to be weighed but don't stay for the meeting. Being weighed by someone else is a huge incentive to stick to the diet - without having someone else weighing me and without it being put down in black and white in my little card every week, I would NEVER have stuck to ww for as long as I have. If it weren't for my weekly weigh ins (and Minimins of course) I would still be where I started 12 weeks ago - maybe even a bit heavier!

Some people (ie Starlight) manage really well without the meetings, but I think you have to be VERY committed and have a huge amount of will power to stick to it that way. I don't mean to be rude, so please don't take this in the wrong way, but I'm not sure you're quite there yet. Perhaps stick with the meetings for now and see how it goes. Take one week at a time.

Good luck.


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I always found I lost more weight if I stayed for the talk at ww, if I just weighed I lost less....I think it is just an added incentive and confidence boost and new ideas that you pick up from the meetings.


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hiya bethany :)
well done for being so positive, you can really tell a difference in your post!!

are there any other classes where oyu can go instead one that has a leader with a bit more time ? if not then as someone else suggested stay for a while till you feel you've got the hang of it then go it alone ( plus here of course ;) ) till then :D
Thanks everyone
I got a little card from my ww leader saying not seen you for a while come back and missed weeks wont have to be paid for did not expect a card of her thought how nice of her to think about me . So its just desision time but ive been working late on a wed
But thanks again for all your nice compliments
Thanks starlight
If I go I will tell her that I went of track a bit so it is a fresh week ahead I think she wants me back with sending the card out it looks as you dont pay for missed weeks as it says missed weeks dont pay for.
Sorry im not feeling positive this week as I have had a phone call from someone and was asking if I still do ww and I said yes and then she asked if I was getting bored of ww and this is why ive gone the oposite and i was all geered up for having a positive week then i get this and then it throws me . The way she was talking she was trying to pull ww down to me and the same person always does this when i was doing sw and she was doing ww she pulled sw down to me so now she does sw and i do ww she pulls ww down to me . So can you all see why ive gone the oposite Please forgive me for this and i will get back positive it was just this person who made me go like this


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Bethany who are you actually doing this diet for?


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Well in that case why does it matter what anyone else says. I had a load of people ribbing me about ww but I went ahead anyway. 20lbs down later they are not ribbing me anymore and I have done it for ME whatever anyone else has said.

To me you do not sound focused enough at the moment if you are letting someone else bully you into other things. What works for 1 does not work for the other. Stick to what you want to do and not what people tell you about or too do.

If you dont get started on something an stick to it then you will not have shifted any weight by october..........the amount of time you have been wondering what to do you could have lost a third of it by now instead of yoyoing backwards and forwards and not getting anywhere......

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