Bit boredy today


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Does anyone fancy seeing some of my wedding photos and having a chat about anything you fancy.
Just feel like showing off the wedding pics been married over 2 years now but always cheers me up to have a look even though im not skinny or anything in them
Hiya BB,

Your photos are lovely, you look so happy. Your dress is stunning. and the cake is ace!

I love looking at my wedding photos, been married 6 years and we get them out every anniversary.

Im a bit boredy now too! thought id come on and catch up on everything that ive missed!, Ive been at work today and kept sneaking on but couldnt really have a good browse!!!

I really need to look at this photo box site, im dim when it comes to stuff like that tho!!!! I have some start photos and 1 month in photos that I want to post!

Hope your weekend is going well

Did you watch the x factor??? I loved the unconventionable's!
Sorry, clicked reply by accident, thses are my latest photos!!!
Hi BB, Think ive done it now!!! can you see them??
Any joy with this one, it says its public
Grrrr hope so, ive never done anything like this b4!
Crikey look at both of you, BB I love your wedding dress it is stunning. CIRDT you look great - what a huge difference!