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Bit of advice please?


Shut up Ethel
On the way in to work this morning I realised that I'd not put a 'lunchtime' pack in my bag. Panicked.

Thankfully, once I got to work I found there was one in my desk drawer, so am ok for today.

BUT it got me thinking. If I find myself sans pack at lunchtime, or out and about and either without a pack/tetra/bar or unable to make up a pack, what's the best thing to do?

I doubt I could have gone 12 hours on one choc milkshake, as that's what it would have been if I'd tried to get through to when I got home. Whilst I'm not hungry, I do need some sustenance occasionally!

What would you do in that situation? What's the best thing to choose? For some reason I think of peanuts, but I don't suppose they're the best choice, are they?

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Hiya after 4 years on and off cding I always keep a bar on me at all times,they are small and a good emergency meal,but if I did forget plain chicken can get you through and a one off won't effect your weightloss xxxx
hi chuck
my cdc spoke this week about i cant remember if i was plan 1a or something have a look in your cambridge book there's a list of permited food this is not meant to take you out of ketosis
hopefully this is useful
Hi ya, as "size102b" said, I think just a bit of plain cooked chicken is a good answer, my previous CDC said if I felt like I really needed to eat something have a bit of chicken or crabsticks, I did this occasionally when I was on SS before and still lost every week.


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon.
Lucky you had an extra one at work, I havent been caught out yet.. but I now have a meal in the evening so I would probably have it at lunch if that was the case a small salad with chicken or tuna, or cottage cheese would be ok..
If not drink lots of water...


Full Member
If you were really stuck then i'd go upto the SS+ just for one day and go out and buy a chicken Salad (obviously without dressing) and have that.. that way you're not going overboard and risk ruining your hard work!


Shut up Ethel
Thanks all. I can easily get hold of cold plain chicken, tuna or cottage cheese in the canteen at work so that's good to know!


WILL be Slim!
personally, i would go without as i dont have any of my shakes in the day anyway...I'm a real evening grazer so find that having them between 5-10pm really helps me...i suppose thats something i should stop as its a habitual thing.....
I'm a 100% plan gal so i stash them everywhere to make sure i dont run out....at work, in the car glove box, in my handbag in the little zip bit...everywhere i can think of to make sure i'm never without!
Hope that helps hun

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