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Bloody Gallstones

Well my christmas present was gallstones ended up in a&e all morning yesterday in agony, I couldn't stand or sit or take a deep breath without nearly passing out.
They gave me some morphine and ran some tests and said it is gallstones I have been refered to the surgeons and am waiting an ultrasound to see if I need an op or not
not sure how long that will take but will keep you all posted. Have postponed xmas dinner till tomoro as have still been in pain today and spent most of it in bed dosed up with painkillers but will try and eat it xx
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Thanks Debbie just replyed to you xx
Oh hunny i can totally sympathise,
i ended up in hosp for a week with gallstones after losing alot of weight on LT.
Mine just went away believe it or not?? very strange!!
They were going to operate but the stones "settled" so they didn't need to and it hasn't hurt since.
The pain is unbearable, i really feel for you doll!
Hope you feel better soon


Gone fishing
Aw hugs :hug99: What rotten timing :(

So painful too :(

If they do recommend an op, do go for it. I made the mistake of putting my priorities in the wrong order and had a number of attacks before I gave in.

Fine now I've had the op, but before that it was getting to the point where anything could set an attack off.

Take care :hug99:

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Really sorry to hear that I hope you feel better soon. :cry:As I said before my friend suffered with this after she lost a lot of weight with WW, so I know how much pain your in. She had keyhole surgery and is much better now.

I started on 17/09/08 and have only just been able to use this site. I always looked at interest with your results as we tended to lose about the same. I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks.

Hope you feel better soon.XX

hey... sorry to hear your not well!... hope you get your ultrasound sorted soon!
is gallstones a common thing with losing weight/LT?? coz alot of people have been talking about it recently which is making me worry!


Eloquent hooligan
I feel your pain kidda... I was in with pancreatitis a few weeks back :(

Never ever had pain like it before...

Fingers x'd for a pain-free 09 :) x
I am just out of hospital after being very ill with pancreatitis due to a trapped gall stone. I got the gall stones after losing a lot of weight with lighter life. Am now waiting for inflammation and oedema of pancreas to settle before can have gall bladder removed:-( A very miserable time.

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This seems common with weight lose. Hope you all feel better soon.XX


Eloquent hooligan
Just had this on PM from a lass on a pacreatitis board I joined (http://www.pancreatitis-forum.org.uk/):

Very low calorie diet got me to.
Hi mark

just been catching up on the forum and was so surprised to see a very simialr story to my own. I also did the very low calorie diet 4 shakes and lots of water in June/July this year. Lost over 40 lb in 10 weeks but because of family bereavement couldn't get to class and 3 days after eating proper food ended up in A&E like your good self. Gallstones was the culprit brought on by VLCD. I was discharged and early in Oct of this year was rushed back to A&E with pancreatitis. Had my gallbaldder removed and remained in hospital very sick indeed for 2weeks. The desire to be thin almost went to far. Struggling at the moment with what to eat as I can only manage very small portions but find myself once again drawn to the wrong food. Seeing a dietician in the New Year and hope to get my weight and eating under control once and for all. Hope you are feeling well. Best Wishes

Seems to be 'common' with VLCD :(

Without wishing to scaremonger.... BE CAREFUL PEOPLE .


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Sorry to hear about the gallstones dena :sigh:

I can totally sympathise with you on the pain!! I suffered with them years ago and long before I ever attempted any VLCD. The pain is indescribable and I also needed morphine to be able to stand up straight:eek: then lithotripsy to break the stone and pass it through when I went for a wee.

Hope you get the right treatment soon..xx
Thanks everyone, they seem to have settled down again now hopefully they will stay quiet till I get my appointment. I think that it is anythin spicy that sets me off so avoiding that at all costs.
Its weird as I also expected to put a few pound on over christmas but alas I have lost a pound not that im complaining but I really wanted to enjoy xmas dinner!!!!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
You are so close to target well done!! hope those stones continue to behave themselves.XX

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