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Bobbi's Diary

I thought I might start this as a way to keep track of my own ups and downs while losing weight. I am on Exante diet and and lost 3 stone to date but am kind of stuck now.
So today is the 1st day of my restart.

I have had two packs so far today and am feeling positive. Though this morning it was difficult to make that mental effort, while I was pouring my shake I was thinking about what I could eat and such like - I gave myself a good talking to and drank it and had a cup of tea. So onwards and upwards!
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So far so good today. The kids are going bananas but I've held strong with the food for me much as I'd love to open some minstrels that are in the drawer.
Okay Dh brought a box of celebrations into bed this morning and I couldn't help myself. They weren't that nice so I managed to stop at three, they didn't taste right :(. Apart from that I have resisted all else sweet and sugary and resisted the scales also.

Lunch time now and I don't feel too hungry - day 3 really. Maybe I'll have a hot shake Hmmmmmm.
We are pretty much snowed in here. Going to take the kids sledding later on with a bit of luck ..... now where did I put my thermals?

Oh and this is brill - I downloaded the mini mins app from my iPhone and I can update my diary as I go. It's not easy reading and catching up on the main forum but I can at least keep my diary page open and ready. X
My other half is planning a party for tomorrow and I told him he had to brave the shops. He's inviting his friends so he can organise the food lol. I have food allergies and most of the food you get in Iceland is out for me, that's where he's headed so i guess tomorrow will be a food free day for me.

So far so good for me today, counting down till when ketosis kicks in and I can beat this food habit.

DH ate a whole tub of celebrations yesterday, he told me this morning he had a down day. I thought no wonder sugar highs and lows all day are really not good. I woke up this morning and told him not to buy anymore and bring them in the house .... I used the analogy asking him if he'd buy alcohol and drink it beside an alcoholic, or smoke next to someone who is quitting smoking. Would you take bring chocolates near someone who is trying to lose weight? .... now come on fair's fair.
I used the analogy asking him if he'd buy alcohol and drink it beside an alcoholic, or smoke next to someone who is quitting smoking. Would you take bring chocolates near someone who is trying to lose weight? .... now come on fair's fair.
That's a good point, hope he took it in. It must be tough on the people we live with, as they may have to change their eating habits to avoid putting us into temptation. Luckily, I live on my own, so as long as I don't go to the shops, I'll be fine, I hope...

Good luck!
Party over. I didn't do bad though I didn't do great either. I had a few cocktail sausages and a piece of Christmas cake. I stuck to diet Cokes so calorie wise i think I'm okay. I'm stuffed for getting into ketosis *sigh*.
It's funny how we have unrealistic ideas of how much damage a little bit of food has. I mean I expected to have put on half a stone over night but I didn't. I think it's just a little reminder that this isn't an easy road to travel, and that I just have to keep going. I mean what's the alternative? Give up? Be 'fat' forever (i hate that word but it's just adding effect)? There is no alternative just picking myself up today, carrying on .... I must do this, failing is not something I want to do.
My husband says " doesn't matter, it's Christmas" .... Well it does matter to me and it's not Christmas till Saturday, it's amazing how much good work you can undo in a few days.
Small successes are the best ones. Last week, well a couple of weeks ago I bought some new trousers from eBay fashion outlet. They are styled like jeans but fabric, I was so cold I wanted something that wasn't denim.
When they came I thought they looked small. I ordered a 16 but they looked so much narrower than my current 16s. Bearing in mind I was a size 20plus, actisly that's a 20 with buttons moved across on and now I'm a 16 that's good.

Anyway I tried those small looking trousers on this morning for the first time and I was amazed to get into them. They fastened and the zip went up albeit a bit tight but still they fastened. I took them off again I'll get into them in a week or two and tjat was okay. I won't ruin any more clothes by squeezing into them when they are two tight, I'll just use that as indication and motivation as to why I am drinking shakes and not eating junk.

I'm ready to take on the world today, I feel good.
Hey all, Oh my this is it ..Christmas Eve! My kids are barmey with excitement, and Santa is definately coming to our house ...so my 5 year old keeps telling me.

Yesterday was hard, we went shopping and ended up in pizza hut. It was hubby's treat for all of us, I love the way he does that when I am trying oh so hard. anyway I ordered a small pizza and enjoyed it. I didnt step on the scales today, I refuse to be knocked down today of all days. I havent eaten anything today so far just a vanilla shake. Im going to have one of those options hot chocolates this afternoon and have made a low fat curry for tonights dinner. Its made with water not cream or anything like that, lots of veg and some chicken. I will try go easy on the rice. In two days I will be back 100%. My husband has already said he will pay for my next batch of shakes so I am going to hold him to it.

Theres loads of goodies in the house, I am fine about that so long as none is opened, so this will be an interesting couple days ... telling the kids they cant open the goodies ROFL.

Tomorrow is a quiet day for us, we usually go to church on Christmas morning, just because its so special - the minister where we live tells the kids to bring their toys and they get to sit at the front and play with them all.

We dont really do Christmas dinner on the big day, we leave it till boxing day. The children usually are up by 7am and you cant keep them away from their selection boxes. Come afternoon they are tired and not up to eating dinner. Long gone are the days when I stand in the kitchen hearing everyone having fun and husband watching crap old movies on the TV. I do it all on boxing day and everyone chips in this way.

anyway I had better stop rambling on ....

Merry Christmas to my Minimins Exante famile. X X X X X X X X X
Merry Christmas bobbi!! We will all be back on it in no time at all x


I will never give up
Well done bobbi your doing well im back restarting after losing 3 stone too and ive just been messing around for the past 2 months but day 1 again today and going strong dh not here so is all good no food to cook. Look forward to seeing you back to tfr.

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