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Boots - big calves

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by suepat10, 15 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

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  3. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    I have that trouble too so your not the only one :-(
  4. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    Don't worry - I struggled to find boots to fit even when I was slim (gymnastics). My BFF struggles too and she's slim but has big calves...you'd think shops would actually think things through before making them eh?

    It's no good advertising clothes/boots on twiglets and making them for twiglets when most women are not twiglets!!!

  5. Esme

    Esme Gin and tonic please!

    I bought some wellies last weekend and they look ridiculous as my calves are too big, but I was completely seduced by the fact that they are leopard print. At least they keep my feet dry! :D
  6. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    I bought some boots from Evans a few years ago and although they're stretchy I can barely do them up (can't get a single wellie to fit me & my huge calves!). Then when I finally do get them zipped up and I start walking they fall down round my ankles - go figure! :mad:
  7. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

  8. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    I have the same problem. I actually found a pair last year that fitted my calf but were far to big around my ankle and when I walked I looked like I had no bones in my ankle LOL xx

    It is so frustrating..
  9. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

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  10. Natwaaa

    Natwaaa Full Member

    I got a dead nice pair from evans a few months ago i love them theyre quite stylish, never been able to find nice ones in there before
  11. funcurls

    funcurls Never gets tired of SW!

    Evans are great for shoes and boots! Clarks do some styles in wider calve sizes, but I get so annoyed with boots because the 'normal' width are too small and the wider ones look too gapey, so I'm avoiding all boots until I reach my goal!!
  12. PinkToaster

    PinkToaster Silver Member

    I have a gorgeous pair I bought from New Look last year, was only JUST able to get them done up. But by the time an occasion to wear them rolled around, they wouldn't do up, so I've never worn them out!
  13. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    Hmm, random thought but I wonder if tit tape will keep my boots up? :roofles:
  14. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it


  15. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Bicycle clips might hold em in place lol.
  16. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    I hate not being able to get boots done up....i have little boots (mid calves) and even they dont do up at the mo.....i also have some brand new brown boots, that i got on the sale and they dont fit my chubby legs....and i see them each day.

    One day eh.....!!!??? x
  17. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    I have a pair of knee high boots from Duo in Bath
    I am lucky in that I live near there - they have boots in many calf fittings from narrow to very large check them out on the net - you can order online - not cheap but really well made - and fit nicely at the ankles too
  18. Cougar

    Cougar Full Member

    Glad to hear I'm not alone in finding boots to fit night on impossible! Surely manufacturers would be onto a winner making boots for 'normal' legs!!

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