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Breath Strips


Recovering Cookie Addict
Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous post, my pharmacy told me that those Listerine Fresh Breath strips have been discontinued O.O Ohnoes!! Is this true? What have you all been using in place of it? I asked what they had to replace it and she just said "You just have to use the regular mouth wash" but am sure have read a few posts in here about people still using the strips. Anyone know if you can still get them?
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My pharmacy still does dem havnt heard anything about them being discontinued.


Recovering Cookie Addict
You can find them on Ebay!
Oh!! Ebay FTW!!! \o/ I'll go get some there then, thanks for the tip!

Still curious to know if they have *actually* been discontinued or if my pharmacy were just splaffing ^.^
I think they may have stopped producing them as I along with many others have found it impossible to find in any stores. I asked my pharmasist about them and she also said that many other Lipotrimmer's have struggled to get them also.
I bought some a while ago on Ebay, and have just had a quick look and it seems that they are mostly from the US.
Make sure you get the mint ones though, as there are cinnamon and citrus ones, which we cannot have!

Clair x
my pharmacy sells me breath spray which is good and a god send :D its called retardex oral spray its alcohol and sugar free and not affected my losses.


Recovering Cookie Addict
Ah, that's interesting, I will be careful which ones I buy then, i didn't realise they came in other flavours. Annoying though that they've stopped selling them here .. meh...

Thanks for the info on the spray, I shall definitely look into that.

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