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breath strips


Recovering Cookie Addict
I've been getting by without these, the joy of having no partner and no local friends haha but as some of you know I have a date tomorrow :) anyway, where I live you can't buy them so I got some off eBay. I've had the cool mint ones before so this time I also got the cinnamon ones and OMG they are so nice! If you've no tried them then you must, much nicer after taste than burning mint and may help to appear you're no trying to cover up stinky breath lol

Anyway, just thought I'd share for those not aware. I think there might even be a 3rd mint type flavour but don't quote me on that hehe x
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Recovering Cookie Addict
Heya, it was pleasant enough but there was no *connection*. He wanted to see me again, take me to dinner but don't want to lead him on so politely declined. This feels so strange to me, I never get chatted up or asked out and I've never turned anyone down before so that was really hard for me. Still, was nice just to get out and have a blether for a few hours hehe x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hey, glad you made the date after all. Good for you for being strong enough to say no to a second date when your heart just was not in it. It is as much about getting out and about again. Hope you have another one on the list!!


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks Molly and no, I don't have any other prospectives lined up yet haha Not in any rush though, really I shouldn't be dating until I visit my overseas friend, but I don't know anyone where I am and admit it was just nice to get out and spend some time with someone in the *real world* rather than online, you know?

I shall definitely keep you posted and if nothing else this venture led me to discover cinnamon flavour listerine strips and they are awesome! Remind me of that dentyne chewing gum I used to chew as a young teenager hehe I can't get them in the shops at all here, none of the flavours, so this person on ebay will be my lifeline I think!

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