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breda's ww diary to good health

Hi all, just home from my first weigh in and I am thrilled. I lost 4.5 lbs :happy036:

Going to start my diary now to keep myself on track . If you spot any wrong pointing or anything please let me know.
I will probably do it at the end of the day most days but this is so far today.

30g porridge made with mostly water and some skim milk 3pp
0.5 pt skim milk (rest for teas) 3pp

Bananna 0pp


Tottilla wrap 4pp
chicken 4pp
peppers,tomatoes, cucumber ,red onion
I tbsp barbeque relish 1 pp

ps can anyone remind me how to get the ticker coundown line up again
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YAY! good to see you have started diary and CONGRATS on a great week 1 loss :D I usually put my menu up then add or tweak at the end of the day and its easy to keep on track then.

If you want to make a ticker, click on mine and follow the instructions from the website (or did you mean something else?)

Well done again xxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks Karen . got the ticker up. used a turtle as I dont mind if the loss is slow and we have a little tortoise here ourselves!!

Was fine today up to lunch but havnt been able to keep my jaws shut since . this was my day in total

30g porridge
0.5 pt skim milk

Snack.......0 pts
1 bananna

Barbeque chicken wrap....8pp
i tbsp barbeque relish......1pp
25g bag walkers baked ....2pp

Stewed apple made with canderel..0pp
pot of low fat ambrosia custard.....3 pp

2 slices ww bread toasted.....2 pp
2 tsp low fat spread............1pp

Chopped up apple,pear,2 kiwis , 2 mandarins in a bowl and have just finished picking that

shepards pie
100g mince beef .............7pp
veg 0pp
mashed potatoe 100g.......2pp
shepards pie mix 1pp

Total = 33pp/29

4 weeklies gone already. Funny how some days all we want to do is eat . If I wasnt on the plan I probably would have had an all out chocolate binge today . Think the monthlies are on the way:sigh:
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Hey well done on your loss so far, keep up the good work. A diary is a fab place to keep track and get opinions from others!! x
Thanks jo and calorie crusader . I am thrilled to be back on track . now if I could just get rid of this worm that I had this afternoon !!!!. hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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I consider a day with only 4 weeklies used to be a triumph! Dont be afraid to use them... its good to experiment with what you really need or dont need to lose weight. I tried to only use half of my weeklies this week. If i lose nowt I will stop using them but if i lose well... I'll try using all of them next week :D No point depriving ourselves lol xxx
brilliant loss, well done!!!
Thanks girls,Karen ya I suppose its not too bad when I tried to fill up on low point stuff. Before this day would have led to an all out binge-chocolate bars,crisps,breas, takeaways the lot . Still cant get my head around the fact that I can eat as much fruit as I like.

Yummy mummy . your photos are inspirational !!!!!!!
Thanks Nicola . I was delighted with it.Now here is the plan for today. Worm seems to have settled since yesterday .

30g porridge 3pp
1/2 pt skim milk.......3pp

1 weightwatchers yogurt........1pp
1 baby bel light.....................1pp
100 ml glass orange juice.......1pp

2 slices of wholemeal brown....4pp
2tsp flora light.......................1pp
1 bananna
1 ptk walkers baked 25g...........2pp

fruit salad..........0pp

2 egg scrambled egg......4pp
mushrooms with 2 tsp flora light ...1pp
4 turkey rashers (yeuck)..........2pp
wont have them again..too peppery

late tea
1 ww toffee desert....................4pp

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BMI details

Can anyone tell me how to get BMI details up on the statistics at the side . when I go to edit signature or costomise profile ,it ends at goal weight and when you hope to reach goal ??? not a whizz at the old computers me:cry::cry:


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I love turkey rashers! haha, what are the toffee desserts like? I tried the choc and vanilla mousse today and didn't know if I liked it or not.

I tried to find out how to edit the BMI bit too but can't figure it out either :S
Havnt actually had the toffee pudding yet !.going to have it shortly with my late cuppa . Will post !!

I just found the turkey rashers peppery and tasteless. Id nearly prefer two ordinary grilled rashers for 4 points.

funny about the BMI details but lots of people have them so Pleeeeeeeese someone let us know !!!!
WW sticky toffee pudding 4pp

Had the pud. would give it a 6/10 . the toffee sauce was sickingly sweet for me . The sponge is nice with some sultanas in (about 3) . Wouldnt be really running out to get them again . They used to do a lovely strawberry sundae ice cream before what ever happened to that ,havnt seen them around for ages.
well today started well but I think I messed up then. Had my porridge as normal and then went to Limerick (city) to meet a friend who is home on holidays. Went to nice restaurant for lunch . Was hopeing to get a wrap but their menu was more main meal Type!!! so had Bacon ,very green cabbage and mashed potatoe with a kind of mustard /CREAM sauce . I didnt realise this was what it was until the plate came out (should have asked iknow) . The mashed potatoe was quiet sloppy as well so was probably full of cream . I ate it needless to say and it was georgous and I am stuffed but I havnt a clue how to point it so I am just going to have fruit and maybe a ww yogurt for the evening ... silly ...silly .....silly .

30g porridge 3 pp
1/2 pt skim milk 3pp

Bacon , cabbage ,mashed potatoe .... 20pp(estimate)

To be decided something very small

1ww yogurt....1pp
2 slices of wholemeal bread....4pp
2 tsp flora light......................1pp
1 bananna
1 babybell..............................1pp

Total 33/29

Not great but could be worse i suppose
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Serial Foodie!
ooo sounds lovely though! point it on the high side and just carry on regardless. its probably not as bad as you think. anyways... thats what weeklies are for! the main thing is that you had a nice time with a friend you dont see often :D xxx

I wouldn't worry too much about the meal you had..could have been a lot worse and the fact you were going to have a smaller dinner will compensate I'm sure!

Did you get the BMI thing sorted, was it to get a ticker on your signature? If so I see you've done it so you must have figured it out x
Thanks karen and Crusader. It annoys me when i have such motivation and suddenly the day goes pear shaped. But as you say it probably wasnt as bad as I thought it was. put it behind me now and new day tomorrow.

Crusader .its not on the ticker i need help with if you look at my statistics down the side of the message page . I can only do that much .I cant see how I can put in my BMI statistics


Serial Foodie!
i never put my bmi info in... it automatically worked it out. prehaps its because you dont fill in the bit that says your current weight or cos theres other bits you havent filled out? thats sheer guessing tho!
It worked

Genius Karen. I did miss out on putting in current weight. :D:D thrilled now I can see full stats . thanks

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