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Bren's Refeed Diary

Well, I've done 17 weeks on the diet so far. The first 14 weeks were pretty much TFR (lipotrim initially, then CD sole source plus) and the last 3 weeks have been CD 810, but not done very strictly - so some days I'd have the 3 products and some veg, other days I'd do it 'properly'.

However, as of yesterday I'm only having 2 products a day. This means I should be on 'step 3' which is 1000 cals a day, but I felt that this was a bit of a leap, so instead I am having 2 products (280 cals) plus a 400-500 cal high protein, low carb, low fat meal and up to 200 cal snacks (again, low carb) each day. I thought it'd be useful to keep track here of exactly what I'm eating. It's not been the best start as I came down with flu yesterday, which has made me very dizzy and craving sugar, but on the whole I have resisted reasonably well!

- 160g chicken breast, grilled
- 30g broccoli
- 30g cauliflower
- 80g peas
- 30g sweetcorn
- 2 shortbread fingers :rolleyes: (70 cals each)
- 1 ferrero rocher (70 cals)
- 100g low fat yoghurt
- 1 CD porridge
- 1 CD bar
Daily total: 870 cals

- 1 CD shake
- 1 CD porridge
- 1 ferroro rocher
- Small sirloin steak
- Assorted veg (all weighed - incl. broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas and beansprouts)
- Low-fat yoghurt
- Mixed berries
- 4 cocktail sausages
- 60g homemade rice pudding
Daily total: 790 cals
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- CD shake
- CD porridge
- 4 cubes of turkish delight :argh: (200 cals - stupid!!)
- 1 Ferrero rocher
- Chicken breast
- Assorted veg
- Splash of soy sauce
- Total: 900

Feeling really rubbish and sick today, not liking the idea of eating chicken and veg but to be honest, all I fancy is carb and fat rich junk like a big pile of fish and chips, and I won't sabotage myself with that. I have been naughty enough today with the turkish delight (I am allowing myself 1 ferrero rocher a day as my 'treat' and really enjoying it, without feeling the urge to demolish the entire box of 30 which is nothing short of a mircale, but the TD was an excess!) so I will be really good with my tea. I can't smell or taste anything today so think I'll try and jazz up my meal with some spices to see if I can taste SOMETHING! :D

Edited at 8.30pm: Soy sauce worked a treat. I felt really sick so couldn't face a massive meal, but did have a BIG chicken breast (200g) so have eaten plenty of protein. Surprised that my calorie count is still so low (620cals) - technically I've not had enough. I am considering having some summer fruits (100g) with a meringue topping (home-made, 1 egg white and splenda only) and served with 100g low fat yoghurt. This would be 120 cals, so would take me to 740 cals and give me a few more vits and mins.

Edited on Friday: I felt to poorly to return downstairs to cook, and went to bed. Which is just as well, as I had 'a moment' and forgot to add my CD products onto that calorie total! So actual total yesterday was exactly 900 cals!
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Bren, don't beat your self up over a turkish delight. once you don't do it again tomorrow. it's only 150 calories but, it will wreak your blood sugar and leave you more tempted. Dark Chocolate is your best bet for a treat, if you like it. lower sugar content. Your diet looks nice a healthy but watch the corn and peas they have a bit of sugar in them too. I wouldn't mix them. sorry if i sound like i'm preaching. xxx best of luck keeping on track xxxx
It's ok, I'm already out of ketosis so I'm not worrying about sugars in veg and fruit - I figure it's still better to fill up on peas and sweetcorn (I do limit the sweetcorn a lot more) and other veg which is also low calorie than make myself hungry and snack on other stuff.

- CD porridge
- CD bar
- 2 small lamb chops (100 cals)
- 30g cauliflower (10 cals)
- 60g broccoli (20 cals)
- 80g mushrooms (40 cals)
- 1 large egg (80 cals)
- 80g summer fruits (25 cals)
- 80g low fat yoghurt (55 cals)
- 1 ferrero rocher
- Total: 710 calories
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Bren, well done on your 52 lb loss to date. It is a great result. You are also doing very well with montoring your food intake and keeping a watch on calories as well. Why not add lentils or mixed beans to some of your dishes. I started substituting these for meat when I moved to GL and found them so filling and low cal that I have stuck with them.
Hope your terrible dose goes quickly and well done for sticking with your food regime while ill. That shows great willpower, so good on ya!!
Thank you Molly! I'm a bit funny with beans (the texture... eurgh!) but may try experimenting with cooking them in different ways :D

- CD shake
- CD porridge
- Lamb and lots of veg!
- 1 large egg (mushroom omelette)
- 2 x ferrero rocher
- Tiny sliver of homemade fruit cake (yum!) - 150 cals
- Total: 840 cals
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Beans may not be for everyone. I did not like them at first but quite like them now. Try chickpeas in a curry with plenty of chilli. They are firmer so you dont get the mushy texture.

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