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Brittle & Breaking Teeth, Sore Gums!

Well i have been looking at some old posts on here and came accross some about getting brittle teeth and then them breaking up! My gums are receiding and my teeth are sensitive and all the signs of ginigivitus and the stages beyond. BUT im highly worried it has been caused by CD as it only started within 4-5 days of me beginning the diet.

I am going the dentist tomorrow and at first im not going to mention the diet to see what he says. I am really worrying about losing my teeth, i would be devastated!

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If you have only just started Cambridge it is highly unlikely this has anything to do with the programme you are on.

Sometimes a lack of Vit K can cause bleeding and the lack of chewing can make the gums feel strange so we recommend extra brushing. However, this does happen much later on in the programme, if at all.

Best get this checked out by your dentist or GP.
I have severe periodontal disease which was diagnosed in 2007, but only just treated (terrible dentist originally) I am only 32 - it's almost unheard of at my age. I was referred to a specialist when some of my teeth became loose.

Initially I worried that CD had had an impact on it. Now that I know a lot more about the disease I know that that's not the case. Do you smoke at all by the way or have you recently given up?

You teeth are likely to be bleeding more since starting CD because saliva helps to flush away the germs that can cause gum disease. As you are not eating you are not going to be salivating as much. That's probably why that's happened. Stopped smoking makes your gums bleed a LOT more! That's because smoking leads to inadequate blood supply and when you stop, as it returns to normal, your gums bleed.

You could try chewing gum, although on CD that's not recommended because it can stimulate the appetite.

Seeing that you posted 2 days ago, how did you get on at the dentist? Everyone has gum disease to some extent - some more than others. Bleeding gums is a symptom and once you are taught how to effectively and properly maintain dental hygiene you can usually halt it. If you're anything like me you maybe think you already know how to brush your teeth?

I used to brush for 4 minutes with my electric tooth brush and think I was doing a good job. Now I do that, as well as floss, clean the teeth that are proven to be neglected with another brush and interdentally brush. My teeth which had bled for years stopped bleeding within 3 days of this regime. Having had surgery a few weeks ago I am confident that I will keep most if not all of my teeth now :)

Sorry for the essay, but it's my new specialist subject lol
Thank you for the reply, the emergency dentist said they should be fine, and they are not bad at all. But have got worse since, going my dentist on wensday, so i will have to wait and see what he says. I have never smoked. Hope your are doing well and your teeth are fine!

Hi Danny, am good thanks. Yes, you're doing right by seeing someone else. My dentist said that I had gum disease in 2007 and said that nothing could be done about it, gave me a leaflet and sent me away. It's not until they became lose and he told me that I'd probably loose a large proportion of them within the next few years that he suggested a specialist.
Until then I didn't even know there were people who specialised in it. I would ask for a referal to a periodontist straight away. The soon you deal with it the higher the chance of preventing it.
When I first started CD I had some strange teeth issues nothing major just they felt softer, wobbly and just not right but after a few weeks they went back to normal I am sure its just down to your body getting used to not eating and in your mouths case not chewing. You right to get it checked out though and I hope all is well xx
I was on Lipotrim for 4 weeks, within days of starting, I noticed that my gums were a bit sore and inflamed. Over the four weeks it got worse and worse. I mentioned it to my dentist who was very dismissive and put it down to the fact that I was in dire need of a deep clean.
Last week, my gums were almost dissolving before my eyes. I have stopped the Liportrim and am waiting to see my dentist. I've started treatment for gum disease, but I'm very worried about my front teeth, they're wobbly and I've lost loads of gum tissue. The pain has stopped now, thank God, but this may be permanent.
If, as I think is the case, this is down to the Lipotrim, losing my fat is not worth losing my teeth!

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