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Buttenut squash

Is this really free as in super free? It's not like a starchy veg like a potato or sweet potato?

For my dinner tonight I had roast chicken and sweede, carrots, and butternut squash mash with runner beans! All from allotment I might add! And it seemed a bit too good to be true the carrot and sweede took ages to cook enough to mash but it was well worth the wait!

It was better than actual mash and I LOVE mash!
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Is so doing it this time
Hiya I've just checked and its def a superfree speed food, it say cook and eat in any way you like (unlike with fruit which adds syns if cooked) sounds delish xxx


Is so doing it this time
Its not a super-speed food cos its only got 1 S next to it not SS. Hope that makes sense!! But hey - its definitely a superfree food (a food that is very satisfying and low in calories) and it is definitely a speed food...... So yes it will speed up you weight loss!!! It gets a bit confusing with all the supers!!
i like butternut squash chips :)
yeah i always roast it but wanted mash and i was doing a red day so thought bugger it i'll mash it- it was so yummy having leftovers for lunch!
thanks everyone i wanna try it in risotto gonna do a search now unless any of you know a good one? xx
Butternut Squash is one of those "seems to good to be true" vegetables, isn't it? But it is only 45 calories for 100g. And it is a good source of a number of different vitamins and minerals.

There are lots of other squashes one can get, but butternut is for me the nicest, and easiest to prepare. One way I like it is to halve it lengthways, scoop out the seeds, spray a baking dish with Frylight, put the squash cut side down on the dish, and bake until soft. Then flip it over, add salt and black pepper and parmesan cheese and eat with a spoon!

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