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Camping the SW way

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Have started this thread as more and more peeps seem to be asking what they can take away for camping, caravanning, tent weekends/holidays etc. As I'm one of the many that will be packing up the van this weekend and heading off, and hope to many times during the summer, here's some stuff I plan to take to try and stick to plan:

Pasta, rice and couscous - easy to make up even with a little camping stove
Passata - a great base for any pasta sauces
Canned or fresh mushrooms, great for bulking out sauces
Ryvita (I use these as my Hex B)
Marmite (you either love it or hate it - I love it!)
Alpen Light bars, Hifis, Kelloggs Fibre Plus
Fruit, veg, cold meats will all keep in a cool box (just keep your ice packs frozen) or keep in your ickle camping fridge
If you have a disposable BBQ get some low syn sausages, prawns (I thread mine on to kebab sticks with peppers and mushrooms etc.), bacon
Cold SW KFC chicken is delicious and will keep in the cool box/fridge
I'll make up some syn free beef burgers before we go and keep cold and then cook on the barbie!

Will keep thinking, please feel free to add your ideas xxx
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Good Idea for a thread :)

We took can's of Asda's Chick Pea Dhal - really easy to have while camping or caravaning - just warmed on a camping stove or microwave in vans.

Also mug shots - just add hot water! :)
make a rice salad to take, that will keep for a few days in fridge / cold box and syn free :)

Had this conversation with mum the other day we used to have sainsburys tinned lean mince beef and onion with gravy (3 syns) easypeasy on the stove and then some smash on the side
I've been camping for nearly 40 years now, from tents with 2 burners, through caravans and now a motorhome, so have 3 burners and grill/oven but the oven is useless so I still use a double skillet from my tent days. You can cook virtually anything in it. It's used for fry-ups for breakfast, toasted sandwiches, risotto, curry & rice, chilli & rice and even baked potatoes.


If you've got the space available it's well worth investing in one. You can see a video demo of it on the web (Demonstration | Double Skillet - Great food everytime).

I have no connection with the company and just a very happy camping cook!
I love camping :D Would pick a week under the stars over a 5* resort any day.
One of my favourite camping dishes is jacket potatoes, I microwave them at home first then split open and stuff with cheese / bacon / peppers / chilli and wrap in foil. Later on I put them in a camp fire to 'cook' and in 30mins I have a steaming hot potato with a melted filling.

Ive found that they keep for up to 3 days in a cool box.
great thread. Off camping next month (only for a few days but would like to stay on plan) so will be keeping an eye on this!

Ideas so far:
couple of packets of savory rice
Sausages, bacon, beans (for breakfasts)
dried pasta
salad and veg in cool box


Pea on legs!
Wow - Feelina, what a great idea! No reason why that wouldn't work for a packed lunch either - that will save me a fortune in baked potatoes from the cafe down the road from the office! :D
Hehehe great thread going up to santa pod at the end of may for racing and camping. Have told andy that for convenience sake will be taking fruit, tins of beans and a few tins of asda veggie chilli lol(as the only dieter and the only veggie lol). This ones going to be a test of faith so to speak as its always a bit of a booze fest but I decided not to drink whilst on plan. Cant wait though going to be wicked fun :D
Does anybody still use a pressure cooker? When we were camping we always used one for soups - lentils - meat, even a whole chicken.
Would not be without mine at home but have just splashed out and bought a Tefal electric Jamie Oliver one - absolutely brilliant.
Hello all
We go camping in France during the summer and one of my absolute favourites is Beef savoury rice with curried beans.... I know it doesn't sound great but honestly it's gorgeous, so filling and free!!!

You've also got your good old SW no-fry up!!

I'd definitely recommend an electric cool box. Really good for things like quorn (for this I use the one from the fridge rather than freezer) which means you can do good old spag bol or chilli rather than using tins (not that I'm averse to tins)

I shall also be pinching ideas from this thread, see if I can entice my kids to try something a bit different ;-)
Those potatoes sound great! What a good idea. I definitely need to think ahead and get organised with the food when we go camping in a few weeks.


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mrsmayblossom said:
Those potatoes sound great! What a good idea. I definitely need to think ahead and get organised with the food when we go camping in a few weeks.
Same here!! Was so unprepared before and ended up eating rubbish!! Not anymore, now I'm armed with these fab tips!!! Loving the sound of those jacket taters!!! Xxxxxx

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
We always do a big pot of casserole or bolegnese to take so just warm up after setting up tent/camp and having an explore. Soup is always a good one even in the summer as the sun goes in. Tin of beans, spagetti, tomatoes, tuna, sweetcorn, new potatoes and curry cannot be under-estimated. A bacon buttie or eggy bread is lush getting up. BBQ is always a winner syn free burgers yum. :D I love camping


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Hubby and I planned to go camping this weekend but the weather forecast very heavy rain from sat pm to sun lunchtime so we postponed until next weekend. We're going saturday evening and coming home on monday. It will be my first time camping since I was in junior school :eek:

We have to work on saturdays cos we have a shop which means we won't get there until around 6pm so I plan to take a readymade casserole and have it with tinned potatoes and tinned veg for saturday's evening meal. Breakfasts will be eggs, sausages or bacon and beans. lunches will be meat, cheese, boiled eggs and salad sarnies. For sunday's meal I have to try out some proper cooking on the camping stove that I insisted he buys :D so I'm gonna do grilled pork steaks with fresh spuds and fresh veg. Deserts will be yogurts & fruit for me and biscuits for hubby.

Wish me luck! lol


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oh help i am going camping this week, i certainly wont be having the beans not fair on the others in the tent!
LMAO - its not a problem for me cos hubby is used to me and there's only us two going. lol

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