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Cant get a hang of it.

Of drinking all this water i mean.

Before LT i used to only drink when i was thirsty so its abit tricky getting used to it.

I can only manage about 2 litres at the moment and even thats a trial.

But i really want to be averaging about 3 litres a day!

I dont drink coffee or tea so thats out.

But i am trying soda water..its not great but hey ho.

Any advice?
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Well, 2 litres is absolutely fine. It's the minimum recommendation from LT, i believe, so don't worry about that too much.

I love soda/sparkling water :) it's my treat or pick me up. Just persevere and drink little and often and you'll find you probably increase what you're drinking over time.

Always have a bottle with you, when shopping, at work etc.
small mouthfulls. thats the only way i get through it. just little and often and i soon get through loads!
Little and oftern? Might give that ago, currently im trying to drink half a litre at a time lol.

Oo carry it around is also something ill start doing. (Sounds really simple now you've said it lol)


I found that at the beginning it was hard but the more you drink the more you need so i found that if i have 2 litres i get really thirsty and always manage at least 3 usually 4. hope it gets easier! xx
a good trick i use is get a 500ml bottle....it doesnt seem as daunting and it soon disappears:D


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Hi MissChunkymonkey
Well, I was kinda used to drinking water before LT, but with Robinsons R....I hated water on its own. Now, three weeks on, if I dont drink say for about 10 mins, my mouth becomes dry and I think I would find Robinsons R too sweet now.
It's true what xsarahloux says "the more you drink, the more you have to". I too have found that.
Even when I go out to the shops, I am carrying a bottle and drinking it as I go. Before I know it I have finshed the bottle.
I fill up my bottles in the morning..now have 2 x 1 ltre and 2 x 0.5 ltrs and drink this at work and then have some more in the evening.
It is like anything habitual...it takes a while, but then it just seems to become part of you.
Good luck!
Ahh thankyou!

Ive been carrying around a litre off water all day, first one down, just one more then im finished for the day.
Going to try and up it to 2 litres and a half tomorrow.

btw, a stone in two weeks? Thats fantastic!


Life is not a Rehersal!
At the beginning I found it easier having half litre bottles. Not sure why. Just seemed to finish it quicker!
I am almost certain you will get used to it and look back in a few weeks time and not even think about drinking water.
Thanks - I am pleased at the loss....cant lose it quick enough to be honest, but "getting there" :)

Have a good weekend and enjoy drinking :cool:


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idlove to do as well as 1 stone in 2 weeks! took me about 6 weeks with SW and then that was it haha


Here we go again!
I drink from the 1/2ltr bottles too. Seems to be more manageable that way. It does seem to get easier drinking more the longer you are on LT. Good luck.

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