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Cant stomach my shakes!!! HELP!

time to increase the amount of food i think :)
try different flavours, people say that your tastes change, so maybe some of the flavours you rejected in the first few weeks?
I have choc treta with a little added water, zapped in the microwave to heat it, it is like having a hot choc!


Finally a size 12!
MMMMM just the thought of shakes is knocking me sick!!!! Even my bars dont seem appertising only got another 12lbs to go :(
oh deer oh deer!! There my answer to not liking the shakes! just drink them as quick as you can try and not taste it thats all i can think of. you dont even like the choc tetra?
Metal taste in your mouth? sorry to ask but is there any chance you could be pregnant? x
okay not that then, do you feel sick just when you have the shakes or at other times? could it possibly be a tummy bug. x


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water them down, split them up so you have them in half packets... mix up half with the amount of water you normally have for 1... and I agree, perhaps time you started moving up the plans ready to move onto 1000 when your bmi hits 24.9... Well Done so far.... wow... great weight loss.


Finally a size 12!
Im thinking its the rank tap water as when i drink fresh bottled its ok??? Mmmmm im thinking of moving plans. I only feel sick when i think of or have a shake
I just made my vanilla pack into runny vanilla fudge and it was gorgeous.

Maybe playing around with recipes with the shakes would help?

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