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Carrot's Slim Fast Diary

Thought i'd better actually put this one in the right place. So on my week 2 weigh in i paid for my over indulgence by staying the same, so could have been a lot worse. This week is my TOTM so i'm really struggling not to eat everything. Fingers crossed this weeks weigh in goes better than last.
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Awwwww come on be strong.......we all know how hard it is at TOTM .....we would all love to dive in a bath full of chocolate (or is it only me lol).
Try going for a walk or if you have no energy try the arcade .....make it your mission to get a high score xx


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Your doing well stick at it put the indulgence behind you and move onwards and thinwards the secret is to say ahh well 2moro is another day and will be better than today


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Well done for putting last week behind you and good luck for this week.
Thanks everyone! I've actually managed to stay on track so far so i'm feeling more positive. Fingers crossed for Sunday's weigh in.
Okay so everythings going quite well! I'm managing to stick to the diet and drink 2 or more litres of water everyday, but i am so fed up of visiting the toilet! Also managing to get 10,000 or more steps a day in as well. Fingers crossed all this hard work will show up on the scales on Sunday!
what pedometer do you have? i had one a while back but it was stupid and kept resetting itself!
glad things are going good for you. slim fast rocks :8855:
Mines actually on my old phone which is a sony erickson.

Another 1lb off this week.
i should get one but i bet at end of day it would tell me im a lazy git lol
i should get one but i bet at end of day it would tell me im a lazy git lol
lmao :8855:
i do next to nowt the weekends. my steps yesterday were only 5565 and that was mainly sitting on my bum all day.
want to get a reading from doing the school runs in the week and then try and match it at weekends and when the kids are off school!
I average about 15,000 a day but then i've gotten very anal about making sure i do them. Usually on an evening i would be sat watching the Simpsons or some other programme so now i make use of that time by walking up and day in the room. I bet it looks really odd to anyone who might see, but then no more odd than my attempts to do the hoola hoop game on wii fit!
Well done on the amount of steps thats brilliant and i love hula hooping on the wii lmfao
Have you ever tried the hula game after you've had a few? Now that is fun!
lol sarah. we dont allow the wii to be turned on when we have had a few to drink! a friend of ours came over once and was upset. he had only had a few drinks but he had a go at the bowling game and almost knocked my son out! so the wii is banned on drinking nights just in case!! :(
Well yeah there is that. I have gone bottom over head over the furniture in my home many time thanks to that.
the wii moves are very funny! my 2 year old son is an expert playing the bowling game. little sod beats me :8855:
i do think it as a novelty console that wears off from time to time. only play the real games on it every few weeks now but i love the wii fit board :D
Well i was very bad last night. I ate 12 Jaffa cakes! It's clear i can't control my eating with them so must stop buying them! I'm gonna pay for this on Sunday!

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