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cc iphone aps how do you keep track of your cals??

How do people keep track of their cals consumed that day?? I have switched to using and iphone app..

Anyone use one for calorie counting and weight management? I have just purchased one, it helps keeps a running total of cals consumed that day and have discovered how inadequat this method was :eek: I was going way over, how do other people kep a running total? This app also adjusts my BMI according to weight and how many cals I should be consuming based on height BMI etc so I don't have to adjust it just does it... one draw back is that I would love it if the cals of foods were listed like in the books? e.g. meat fish and some products?? I am gonna think about getting my other half to write an app for this, as he has a mac etc..

I can't believe I just used to keep a total in my head... no wonder I don't get anywhere...:cry: :sigh:
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I track online. I can give you two sites (that are free to use) if you like? I haven't got an iphone (just a bog-standard one! LOL!) so can't help you there- sorry!
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I use a free online one that is great :)
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I use myfitness pal on my iphone and online. It's fantastic! I do SW, but have also been CC'ing to help me shift the last few lbs and it's really working wonders.


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I have a food and nutition app however I don't think it is as good as some of the apps mentioned here. It still keeps track though and in the past I just guessed :confused: and I wonder why I hadn't made any progress!!!
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I use Nutri check's online food diary, it's fantastic! It's not free, but well worth the money in my eyes! You can get it on your iphone too xx


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I have tap and track. It is fab. You can set it according to how many lbs you want to lose/ gain a week or if you want to maintain and can also adjust calories up or down. Database isn't bad but o add all my own recipes and food brands to the database.

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It's not an iphone app but I love Perfect Diet Tracker. It was suggested by KD and there's a thread in the Cambridge 1000-Maintenance forum about it. It is software so you need to load it on your computer but its' only a one off charge of £35.

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