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Cdc's: Can I Skip A Pack On Aam Week??

Hi guys, those of you who have read some of my previous posts will know that I really hate my SOUPS, and my cdc is away for 2 weeks so I can't swap them...anyway...it's my add a meal week as of today and I'm wondering if I can SKIP a pack (soup)????

This would make me very happy as I can't stand eating the soups anymore and even when I do I only have about half of it, so not sure if it's worth me having any of it.

thanks, SJ xxx
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I have been told by my cdc that you shouldn't miss a sachet as a) you aren't getting the correct amount of vits/minerals and b) it can actually slow your weight loss down if you do.

Is there not another cdc in your area that you go to who can swap them?

I'm sure a cdc will be along soon with the answer as I could be completely wrong (it has been known;))

Good luck with whatever you do.


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Hi sj
Know what you mean about the soups, but i would imagine you would not be having all the right nutrients for your body to function.
A friend of mine has added a bit of spice to her soups to make them abit more palatable, could be worth a try.
But well done on getting to your aam week, i crashed out of ssing at 8 days to the 790 plan and now my cdc has advised me to go back to ssing this week and i am starving today.
Good luck with soup thing.

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Lenny is totally right - you need to have your 3 cambridge meal replacements a day.

What you could do is have your AAM and use the soups as a sauce over the chicken/fish. Make it up with less water - (have an extra glass to make up for this though!) and pour over cooked fish or chicken. Mushroom or veg is lovely over fish. Chicken & mushroom and oriental chilli is nice over chicken and cheese and broccoli is nice over cauliflower or broccoli. Not sure about tomato over anything!
thanks guys.....

I've tried my soups in various ways, having them thicker so I can glug it quicker but i still only manage to have 1/2 or 3/4 at the most. Same when I really water them down. I'd spoil my meal if I used them as sauce, nice idea if you like the soups though but I think they are rank. I have chicken & mushroom and spicey tomato.

I spoke to 2 other cdc's in my area and they wouldnt swap with me, I wanted to swap for tetra packs and pay the extra but they wouldnt do that. I'd have to buy the tetras from them after they had ordered them in and I would have had to wait a week for them too :( There is another cdc who is very close to where I live but there has been no answer when I called and no return call from my message so I guess she may be on holiday too??

Can I ask a cdc if I would come out of ketosis if I didnt have the soup???? I just think if I have to force down the soup I may be sick and therefor bring up some of my other packs too which would be even worse. (sorry if too much info.).
Where do you live?

Jem x
hiya Jem,
I live in Liverpool. I see you live in Manchester, so we're sort of neighbours:D

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No you shouldn't come out of ketosis, but you may not be getting enough nutrients. How about doing the 1,000kcal plan with 2 packs a day??

How many shakes/soups do you have left?? ie is it a ratio of 2 shakes to 1 soup per day??
I'm a CDC - I can swap your soups for tetras if you are happy to pay the postage.

Jem...You are such a star. How very kind of you.

I have just weighed 8 of my current tetras (I have 8 to swap) and they weigh approx 4.5 pounds. I think it would cost an awful lot to post them Jem :( My hubby works in Oldham and has clients in Manchester...is there a way he could do the swap in person some time this week? I don't know when he would be available to come and if this is not suitable for you then I understand.

I have 5 chick & mushroom and 5 tomato (I got them last week from my cdc and are still in the box).

Thanks again Jem....XXX


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Don't worry about it - this diet is hard enough without having to drink packs you don't like!

I use City Link and its £12 a box, no weight limit - alternatively, my office is in Stockport so your OH is welcome to pop in to pick them up.

Jem x
I've just guzzled a chick & mushroom soup, well most of it anyway, I used loads of black pepper ..so have just treated my self to a small glass of Dr Pepper ZERO. Only 7 more soups to go :D:cry::D:cry::D

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