Cheese on toast

Mumma K

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Rosemary Conleys mature cheese is the lowest I've found but it can be hard to get hold of 50gs of that comes in at 1 point


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Leskol is the lowest one i think, it was alright too not sure how it melts.
On the site the Ni per 100g is 280 Kcal, 1.3g satfat compared to normal cheddar at 410g, 21.7g sat fat!
adding a tiny bit of mustard is meant to make cheese taste cheesier so thats always a tip but if you really like cheese it might be worth just having less of something really strong so its more satisfying!


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i use eat smart from morissions cheese slices which are 1.5 points, however because they are thin they don't melt too well


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I worked out the Lowlow slices at 2 points a slice, not 4.5... I don't have any to hand, but I'll check again...
It's nice cheese, the Lowlow stuff! I like it, anyhow!


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We always use the lighter version of the mature Cathedral cheese which tastes close to the full fat version. Sorry, don't have the values right now as we have finished it and am just on my way to do the shoppings :rolleyes: but I find it more flavourful compared to the lowlow and it melts perfectly - but true, is a bit higher in points, but you don't need much of it as it is matured.. Guess in the end it comes down to your personal taste. Will pop in with the values once am back from the shops if you like ;)