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Christies food diary, this is it this time!!

hey everyone :D

well restartin sw myself from tommorrow just at home and am quiet lookin forward to it :D have planned my food for 2moro out so if there is anythin wrong u can see please point it out too me, i will be doin a mixture of green n extra easy i appreciate all comments n advice :)

Green Day

breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal bread (hexb) & an egg fried in frylight - free

snack - banana & apple- free

lunch - mild cheese&brocolli pasta n sauce & packet quavers - (6 syn)

dinner - 2 baked potato with 28g cheese & side salad &2tbsp ex light mayo - free 1 1/2 syn & (hexa)

snack - slice of wholemeal bread with 1tsp low fat spread & banana (hexb, 1.5syns & free)

250ml semi skimmed milk used in coffee throughout day (hexa)

total syns - 9/15:D
weekly total - 9/105

2 litres of water, gym - 10 mins treadmill, 10 mins cross trainer, 10 mins bike, 5 mins arm rower :)
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Lookin good to me, doesnt the pasta n sauce have any syns? if not i might have to look into them!

All the best,


extra easy:)

breakfast - 3 slices bacon with 1 slice wholemeal bread & tomatoes followed by a banana (free & hexb)

snack - orange & apple (free)

lunch - batchelors chicken n mushroom pasta n sauce with lettuce, onion & peppers & mullerlight strawberry(free)

dinner - chilli con carne made with 500g uncle bens medium chilli con carne sauce (15 syns for entire jar, split 4 times, for me & mums dinner & for our lunch on wed:))ex lean mince, peppers mushrooms, chillies & boiled rice, slice of garlic bread (free & 9 syns)

total - 9/15 syns
weekly total - 18/105

2litres of water & 1 hour of boxercise :)
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well day 3 back on plan and im gettin on well:D(i hope lol) if you see anythin else i shud be doin please feel free too comment :D

extra easy

breakfast - bacon, beans & tomatoes (free)

snack - banana & apple (free)

lunch - left over chilli con carne from last nights tea (extra peppers n onion) boiled rice (4 syns for sauce) fresh pineapple- (free) half bar of dairy milk (multipack bar) - (5 syns)

dinner - sw chips with egg fried in frylight, mushrooms & tomatoes (free)

snack - 2 slices nimble (hexb) with egg & mushrooms - (free)

total - 9/15 :D
weekly total - 27/105

250ml ss milk used for tea n coffee (hexa)

2litres of water/45 mins at gym
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your lucky, i dont like fruit and although i like Veg i find it hard to add to all my meals which is why i tend to do Green/Red days.

extra easy

breakfast - bacon, egg, 2 slices nimble & loads mushrooms (free & hexb)

lunch - chinese lunch with friends went for prawn cocktail (free & 10 for sauce :confused:) vegetable curry with boiled rice (9 syns)

went slightly over my syns but i havent used them all this week so thatl cover it, also been at gym n boxercise) will eat free rest of today:D

dinner - not sure will update later but sumthin free :)

total syns - 19/15 (4 syns over but have syns saved from earlier in the week)
weekly total - 46/105
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thank u :) m sure ur doin fine and well done on ur loss so far! i was feeln guilty bout the chinese but i still worked it into my syns even tho i was over by 4 i still have sum left from throughout the week and i have been goin to the gym :)also said i wasnt goin2 b as strict this time as u need to have a life :)xx
Very true. I attempted SW for a few weeks and I just got so sick of eating the same stuff and it made me want the bad stuff even more knowing i couldnt have it.
Since I got back on track (only about a week and a half ago) I've said to myself if I really want something that badly that I'd be willing to cheat on the diet then I should just have it. But I havent wanted anything that badly at all since then!
U see thats it, i think the minute u tell urself ur on diet thats when u want bad stuff even more so iv just said im eatin healthy (i only started on mon) but if i really want sumthin il have it n also if im out for a nice meal im gonna have what i fancy, not go mad but have it n get straight back on plan after, i think doin it this way will work better for me, of course i will try n count it into my syns if i can but if not im not goin to beat myself up about it, im still so stuffed from that Chinese at lunch n must say i thoroughly enjoyed it and was within syns well bar a few but at least iv ones saved from earlier in the week! if im hungry later il have sumthin free :)xx

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