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Chuffed to bits :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hi Ladies,

I am very pleased with my loss so far :D

9 days in to CD and im wearing an "old" comfy pair of size 14 jeans and 8 hours in they're still comfy. *Yay* :queen:

My size 16's feel too loose but may be good as bloated/ fat day trousers.

Didnt think id be wearing these this qucik, also wearing a cream jumper thats rather fitting and ive had compliments.

My OH seems to think i have lost weight from my bum and seems to be quite upset about it hahaha
He asked me not to disappear, bless him.

He hasnt seen my under 11stone 10 so this diet will see me in a new light.

:character00148: Anyway enough of my rambling, how are all you ladies getting on today?
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Well done, i feel my tummy goes flatter really quick and its always been noticed quite soon, i loose on my boobs which hubby is never pleased about as i dont have enough as it is lol :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I hope my boobs dont disappear, only a C cup as it is lol....

Dont mind losing it from my bum, i always got comments about having an african womans bum (not my words).

Id also like to lose from my things and arms and then i'll be happy.

I still cant see me as 10 stone let alone 9st 7lb's.......... Soooo exciting.
Yay, well done Hayley! :0clapper:

Actually, on other diets I've always lost it from me boobs first, but not so on Cambridge. I have no idea why this is - someone once suggested that it could be because CD is low carb. It could be that - cos when I did Atkins, I noticed the same thing.

I'm not saying they haven't shrunk (first time round on Cambridge I lost five and a half stone, of which I carelessly regained two stones :sigh: ), but they seem to have shrunk in line with the rest of me, IYKWIM.
Well done babe.
I wouldn't mind losing a lot from my boobs and bum but know oh loves them... wot a dilema hahaha

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Thank suzie and sugalipz.

I know i havent lost anything from my boobs, my expensive bra's still fit, quite snug too :)

Bless my OH keeps complimenting me and insisted on taking a pic earlier as he thinks you can see the difference already.

I will save the pics till i get to first goal weight though.
Glad you feel better :D good to get into the smaller sizes

My boobies went from a DD to a C about 8 weeks ago :( ...but they seem to be holding at a C for now (thankgoodness) they stayed big for a while then all of a sudden vanished!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Thanks Mrsessex :)

Shanny im a milestone from 10 stone but it is insight so patience is all i need and staying 100%


Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Thank Clare!

It feels pretty good and im more determined to carry on now.

For someone who thought i had no willpower i dont half seem to be able to do this well :D

*pat on the back for me*
Hi Hayley

You are doing very well and sound so motivated, keep it up! I have the same goal weight as you, 133 lb - I am 5ft 2 and a half inches, but an old girl, lol, only 41, but don't want to lose too much and look gaunt.
And your OH sounds very supportive, that should really help your CD journey.
Going from a quite strained and bulging size 16 to a 14 was probably the most exciting momment so far since I started CD - great isn't it!


Cambridge Consultant
Well done Hayley your doing fab and its great when you start noticing a difference so quickly.. Thats the great thing about the cambridge diet the changes happen quickly which keeps you more motivated I think..
It would be great if we could decide where our weight came from I did go down 4 bra sizes but I was quite big to start off with so dont mind too much....
Good luck with your journey... your weight will be off in no time x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Blingbabe, i was so glad to find the 16's falling down :)
Was sooo exciting, i put them on and my OH just laughed, he said you couldnt see my bum in them anymore. (trust him to say that).
So i thought i must have some larger size 14's and i didnt there in the wash so i trie on my rather fitting size 14's and they were more comfortable than they were when i used to wear them :)

I was soooo shocked i hate to wear them and my OH took a pic cos even he was shocked and to see i was wearing a fitting cream wool jumper too.

Im saving the pics for when i complete CD


Curlywurly, Thank you for your supportive message. Looks like you had an amazing weightloss? How long did it take you?

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