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Citric acid in bars.....



Gotta Make A Change
This is weird i was just about to post the same thing :O
citrus peel (6%)
Oranges are citric fruit and as there is orange in the bar there will be a wee bit of citric acid in them.... I am positive Exante would have factored this in when putting together the diet! Trust them!
theyve probably researched it and know that such a small amount wouldnt bring you out of ketosis. add to the amount u have and it will. just my assumption tho, i actually have no idea lol x
:O :O
Starlight, the same could be said for sugar though, it knocks you out of ketosis and the pack I've picked out at random to see the contents contains glucose syrup a form of sugar. Research has gone into the diet, it works and I suppose we just have to trust them. We are advised to have only one bar a day, maybe that's why!
You would think that if the rule was no citric acid then they should have picked a different flavour
I can see your point :) But....as long as it works for me there could be moondust in them lol. Still tho, if they advertise as having NONE of these things they maybe shouldnt have. Something to be addressed for sure...but im not gonna worry too much. Infact i dont even have the bars so hey haha x
Looking at the exante website theres nowhere that they claim to not use citric acid in there products. Im not an expert mind you but im assuming the ingredients were well researched else they wouldnt have put it in....and if they say it works (and we can see it works) should probably not worry about it :)
Sugar/carbs is an obvious no no on the diet, they highlight citric acid because people would go out drinking all sorts of diet drinks, fruit teas, slices if lemon in tea or water etc and wonder why they are not losing as much weight. It does knock you out of ketosis but too much coke zero can also stall weight loss for some. As I said before - they have researched the ingredients and there is the correct balance of sugars, proteins, vitamins and dare I say citric acid. The diet works if you stick to it.

When I did W8 we were advised NOT to have any diet drinks or flavoured water even coke zero initially. Then, they said we could have coke zero as a treat but were advised not to drink too much and not include in our fluid intake. I basically still stick to these rules.

Interesting to see what Exante say!
Just making a point so people eating the bars dont worry to the point of not having them anymore :) To be honest i think we all know that sticking to the diet works, so for me it doesnt matter whats in them as im assuming its been well researched and we can all see it works. Still be interesting to hear what they say xx

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