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** Claire's low carb blah blah chit chat gabbing **

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That makes a change Claire, they usually like to rubbish Atkins.
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Well, that's the end of the programme. To be honest i was quite surprised at how positive it was after seeing so many programmes boo-booing atkins. Their was a lot of praise from america and it showed at how much easier it would be to follow there - they had a shop with all the low carb products we have to pay a fortune for from the internet. They followed a woman in london who didn't like the diet but to be honest she was half doing it, having cereal for brekkie then atkins the rest of the day so she wouldn't have had the benefits of being in ketosis.


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Thanks for posting that, Claire - the main woman didn't exactly have a great attitude, did she???! Silly moo...
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No hun, you're right! She obviously didn't want to pass the test enough is all i can say. For the sake of 3 weeks she should have just got her head down n got on with it lol.

Right, cheeseburger pie is now cool so i've quartered it. I've put two of the quarters into separate tubs to take to work tmoz so i have two smaller meals to see me through the 11hr shift rather than just the one larger meal. Also put 2 babybells into my dinner bag. Will make up a 1l bottle of sf squash in a min to stick in the fridge to take with me. I can always make more once at work n that's gone. Then the other two portions will be for sat's 11hr shift.

Just put a small joint of leg pork for tonights tea, only eaten a babybell n couple sf sweets so far today, naughty naughty i know. So pork, brocolli n celeriac mash for tea. Will probs be the same tmoz night with the leftover pork (assuming i eat half tonight n manage to leave half for tmoz night).


Clean green leafy machine
S: 24st11lb C: 20st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 50.2 Loss: 4st7.5lb(18.3%)
Sounds lovely, the key is definitely to be organised!

Wish I could have the pie but cream stalls me :(


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Ooooh gosh, just watched and that silly woman annoyed me so much. From the first day she was crying every night going 'what am I doing to myself!", but at least she kept to it. I thought her initial 8lb loss would have been good motivation, but in the second week she started sneaking cereal and fruit, and combining foods like that with a high fat diet is about the worst thing you can do - you need to either low cal or low carb. So then she put on two pounds and said she 'hadn't really gone off the plan' and that 'the diet is the biggest waste of time I've ever done, ever'.

Fair enough, Atkins isn't right for some people, but she was so whiney and wasn't trying at all, and she had a cold (which she was blaming on atkins) yet seemed to blame her cold symptoms as being side effects of Atkins. It just really really annoyed me, and I know it's mean but I was glad she failed her fitness test at the end, as I didn't think she deserved to pass.

To be fair, the programme was made over 5 years ago by the looks of it, and maybe if she'd done it now she'd be better informed and would find more supportive places online, like this. But she didn't half frustrate me.

I think the show being made so long ago is also why the medical experts were wary of it. Now doctors are much more supportive, in general.


Clean green leafy machine
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We should make one ourselves, using our resident stars Jim, Linz, Bren and all the others :)
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Hahaha, now there's an idea!

Just had roast pork leg for tea with celeriac mashed with butter n brocolli (which i kinda overcooked so it mushed up to not much at all lol). Very tasty n far better than any shake or soup sachet. Hopefully if i can keep my portions under control i will begin loosing again although i'm being realistic and expecting a gain after moving over from vlcd.

Now, need to be in bed by a reasonable time, maybe 11ish as up at 5am. Dreading that darn alarm going off already :( Dunno whether to watch tv, use the computer or once i've washed up, have a bath using some of the bath bomb thingy i got from lush for one of my bday prezzies.


Clean green leafy machine
S: 24st11lb C: 20st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 50.2 Loss: 4st7.5lb(18.3%)
Oooh the bath sounds nice, love those bath bombs! And then come back on the puter :)

I play on my puter with the TV on, how modern of me :)
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Hmm yes, me too! LOL. Not much on tv these days though plus i can't really get into watching that many series due to shift working. Time to do the washing up whilst a bath runs i reckon..
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Ahhhh that was a nice bath :) Lovely lavender bath bomb thingy from lush and one of their honey n other stuff fresh face masks whilst i soaked :) Happy Claire :)

Now, an hour to do bits n bobs before enders catch up at 2200 on bbc3 then dozing off to other random rubbish on tv in bed before hopefully dozing off around 2300ish.


Clean green leafy machine
S: 24st11lb C: 20st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 50.2 Loss: 4st7.5lb(18.3%)
Glad you enjoyed your bath Claire, have a good snooze x
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Thanks honey, hopefully i will but i don't tend to sleep too well before early shifts, can't seem to relax. Much prefer the lates n nights really. Thanks to everyone for the support, day 2 = done!
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Just had a babybell as started to get a lil peckish, no doubt more strange dreams to come. Made a hot choc with 2 tsp bournville dark choc powder, 2 splenda tablets mixed with a lil cream then topped up with hot water. Nice to have a hot drink before beddie byes.
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Hmm, tempting for sure. I'll see what shifts i'm working.

Just seen this on channel 4 website -

The Atkins Diet: Fat or Fiction - 4oD - Channel 4

Might give it a watch n no doubt laugh in the face of it if it ridicules Atkins

Do you all remember a series that took place about 2003, with Eamonn Holmes? It was called "Diet Trials" and it followed a group of dieters on several different programs, and had dieticians, doctors, lab tests, etc, following them.

I remember one fellow doing Atkins lost heaps of weight, and was doing fantastically - and all his lab results were good. I do remember his wife was tired of his keto-breath though :jelous: Atkins came off fairly well on this series - even though the dietician seemed rather dour about it.

The other plans were Weight Watchers, Rosemary Connelly and Slim Fast. The lady that lost the most over 6 months was on Rosemary Connelly (low low fat, lots of exercise) but she became a hill walking addict and I think that had a lot to do with it. I remember the people on Slim Fast were all complaining about how bad the soups and non-shake items tasted, and the Weight Watchers girl kept cheating.

I wish they'd show it again!

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