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** Claire's low carb blah blah chit chat gabbing **

Hello those who may remember me!!

I did atkins on and off last year and properly the year before that. I've also lost some through CD and until today, Exante. Exante started well, the packs were nice enough and i lost 9lb (no doubt mostly water) in the first week. However, i've not lost a lb in the two weeks since first wi day and i've felt hungry when at work which isn't that good for me as i work shifts.

So, i've been to my local market this afternoon and bought brocolli, savoy cabbage, celeriac, and mushies. I then went to a local butchers and bought a small pork leg joint (only me at home), 4 local sossies, some back bacon slices, a couple of chicken breasts and got 6 free range eggies. Then popped to the local shop n got some grated mature cheddar n mozzerella, full fat philly n sf squash.

Not yet eaten today as had a long sleep in. Just having a bucket of tea and will then think about what to do for tea.

Look forward to saying hello to you all!! Jim, have missed ya! :) Hope you n the family are well love.
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hey Honey - back again!!!! stick with it this time babes xxxx
Hi Claire, I am Claire too! well done for coming back - I have also come back today after regaining half the weight i lost before! Good luck!
Thanks everybody!! It does feel good to be back. I hate the idea of counting, weighing etc so love that low carbing is a little more relaxed in this aspect and i also have an idea of what things are carb wise from doing it before. Exante and other vlcd's are good in that there is no counting required, virtually no washing up and SHOULD be fairly consistent for losses. However, working shifts is not the easiest when confined to the three sachets a day. If i'm hungry, i'm hungry. At least i know that i can at least eat something on atkins if i'm hungry without the constant feeling of guilt etc from going off plan.

Nice to meet you Claire! :) Good luck to you too hun! :) Hopefully we can lose this weight together.


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome back Claire!
Hahaha, i'm actually really pleased that you're here Jo! :) And starting friday too, not v.far away at all. So we can help each other along.

Just had tea - 2 Lincs sossies, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 egg, savoy cabbage, mushies :)
I've been having major chicken cravings. Going to order a chickena nd the kids can have theirs with mashed potato and veg and Ill just have the veg. I cook it in the halogen oven and it is the best thing I've ever tasted - so moist and juicy. Yum!
Hmm, just wondering what to do for the days i have brekkie (i work two earlies in a working week). Been considering the porridge that people talk about... the extra fibre will do me good as struggled in 'that' ehem department when i was on exante. Wonder which recipe is best to use..
Hey Gorgeous, welcome back. Nice to see you back here where you belong. :)
Day off today jim but back to work tmoz. Up at 5am for a lovely 11hr early shift, same on sat. Boo. I hate working earlies when it's still dark when I have to get up. I'm sure I suffer from that SAD thing.

Just bought the ingredients to make cheeseburger pie for my pack-ups over the next two days so just about to start making that.
oh i get that SAD too claire - must be worse working shifts though love.
enjoy your pie ;)

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