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*Clare's 100% cracking the whip diary*


Recovering Foodaholic
For goodness sake I've been terrible of late and there's absolutely no excuse, just poor choices made. So today I'm taking a stand.


My CDC suggested allowing myself SS+ meals for 4 more days and stop nibbling, then wean off, but to be honest I've just abused that and carried on nibbling.

Last night for so unbeknown reason I decided to make scones for my OH (against his will, I insisted)- then had one- this was after a multitude of stuff through the day- quorny soup meal, chicken, corned beef, CHEESE :(! OK, I had a small one but CARBS, the one thing I've avoided.

Anyway, needless to say the waves of guilt washed over me, along with the hunger- I'm still in ketosis at last check- god knows how, yet my hunger hasn't subsided.

So today's message to myself if BE STRONG, BE SUCCESSFUL.

I'm gonna take my head out of the fridge and find something more useful to do! (I expect there'll be a few minimins postings today).

I've already started this morning- after taking OH to work, I've been for a jog (well walk/jog but it is day 1 of the plan) with the dog, so that's one thing to cross of my list :D

Anyway, please feel free to crack the whip at me and kick me up the rear when I need it!

Will keep you posted xx
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Recovering Foodaholic
Thanks, Shanny, but I'm just not ready for food in my life- I'm still out of control around it- I'm an all or nothing kind of girl! If I eat a small meal, it just stimulates my tastebuds for more, so I'm gonna try staying clear for as long as I need to kick this habit into touch x
I must admit when i was ssing for 5 weeks my cdc said its time for me to move up to 810 "i replied im not ready to start eating" which was true i was never hungary at all.!

But y i had to go on the 1000 plan was because i was going on hoilday and she didnt want me to ss aboard.!

And ever since eating again i cant seem to shift the weight again soooo stay with ssing hun so wish i did now.!
Good luck hon, I know how hard it can be but you CAN do it! Think about what you have left to lose..... and would you rather focus and get the weight off or mess around nibbling and look back in 3 months and think :cry::cry::cry:I could have lost 3 stone by now but instead I've only lost 1-2 stones. Maybe make a list about what you want to acheive and when you want to nibble think about how the nibbling is helping you acheive your goals!!!

Good luck xx


Recovering Foodaholic
Aye, my problems started particularly when I went on holiday, but also when I had my mum over to stay who cooked all the time- it was my birthday too- I'd been rly strict until then, evening SS 100% on a camping holiday with work, but I've since complacent- NO MORE!

I've just read a post by KD- it's linked in the no nibbling thread. Definitely worth a read- addictive desire. Might help put some things in perspective x
Thanks for making me focus on my day too!. Having much the same challenges trying to get back to SS.....making it through the day, through the evening and then losing the plot around 9pm and eating just enough to mess things up. I feel that I am all or nothing too, which means at some point I have to control the food, want to get nearer goal first. Today trying to just think of shedding the next pound. Thanks BP and best wishes for a successful day for everyone
Good Luck Bubblypenguin, just think of the marvellous 39 pounds that you have already shed. I have just posted on the temptations of scones. Really hope that you are still feeling focused and determined to continue your CD journey- you will do it!


Recovering Foodaholic
Thanks Blingbabe! I will focus on those 39lbs (reckon it's more by now hehe) and they should really motivate me!

Well so far so good today (yay!) though this has largely been due to the fact of TOTM and have been in bed with painkillers- I started off so well too with my jog! Ah well, at least I haven't nibbled or wanted to- and I still have 2 more shakes to go so that should keep me topped up for the evening.
You can do it Clare!! Just focus on your goal and keep that water up! If you want to nibble drink a pint of water and that should fill you up. Good luck, not that you will need it! x x


Recovering Foodaholic
Thank you lovely peeps!

Well! I did it! I'm so chuffed that I actually pulled my act together and did 100% yesterday- I'm focussed again today- been for a walk with the dog and about to embark on some chores b4 my Dad arrives.

I'm still feeling a bit sicky from TOTM but a whole lot better than yesterday, thank goodness. Scales are down aswell to 13.7 1/2 this morning so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I'm hoping to be fairly near the 12s on my next weigh in which will be the 7th Sept- My CDC reckoned I could lose a stone as she was away for 3 weeks, however after all that nibbling, I'm not so certain. Just grateful to see it moving, I guess.

Right, time for a shake, a vacuum and some lovely water...glug, glug, glug!


Recovering Foodaholic
Well, almost another day done and NO NIBBLING! I'm so pleased- walked this morning and tomorrow I'll embark on my second attempt at jogging (minus dog as he's gone home now :( )

Anyway, Alipally is my new hero as she mentioned about cheesecake mousse- vanilla with sunshine orange, and I'm in absolute heaven!
Well done on day 2. I'm just finishing day 3 of 100%, my first 5 days were a bit nibbly whilst I got into ketosis, but now I'm into the mindset of 100% it's easy. I keep saying to myself - you've done one 100% day so you can do two. Then - you've done two 100% days so you can do five. Etc, etc. I can do it. You can do it. It's where your head's at that's so important for dieting.


Recovering Foodaholic
Thanks for that Bailey :D

A good start to the day- was 100% yesterday so can do it again today- the scales are down and I'm only now 1lb heavier than my OH which is amazing as I've always been heavier than him...oooh can't wait to overtake him!!

I've been for another jog- on day 3 of the plan, but still can't manage the ten reps so I do what I can- all in all about 25 minutes of alternating between jogging and brisk walking. I controlled my breathing and feel great! Especially now I know I've done it for the day.

I had a thought earlier, pm-ing a friend. This is not a restart, this is not day 2 of a 100%. This is a journey to reach my goal. There are up hill bits, down hill bits, and sometimes there a pebbles that make us trip up. That doesn't mean I go back to beginning and start over. I simply stand up, brush myself off and keep travelling until I get to my destination. At the minute it's down hill. I shall hang onto this feeling as I know there may be an incline around the corner, so I'll reserve some energy and when it comes, I'll dig my heels in and be strong...

Anyway, got a busy day, need to pick up some lino for my guinea's play pen (yes they are very spoilt)..gotta love freecycle!
I had a thought earlier, pm-ing a friend. This is not a restart, this is not day 2 of a 100%. This is a journey to reach my goal. There are up hill bits, down hill bits, and sometimes there a pebbles that make us trip up. That doesn't mean I go back to beginning and start over. I simply stand up, brush myself off and keep travelling until I get to my destination. At the minute it's down hill. I shall hang onto this feeling as I know there may be an incline around the corner, so I'll reserve some energy and when it comes, I'll dig my heels in and be strong...
What a fantastic way to look at things, really positive. That has been my journey too and with an outlook like that I'm sure you will do brilliantly! Good luck hon xx


Recovering Foodaholic
Good morning!

Not posted for a couple of days, but have been lurking. It's been a bit of a mixed bag really.

After being really focussed and 100% for a couple of days, the nibbles came back to bite me in the butt! I'm not sure why- I haven't been hungry and I don't think it's emotional (well it must be emotional but not sure what) so it must be either boredom or complacency. I'm still on summer hols and go back to work on Wednesday so I'm hoping that'll refocus my attention (apart from the whole school meal we're having on the first day, dammit!).

So the question that I'm throwing out into the void is this: Why do we self-sabotage when we are losing so well? I've lost over 3 stone now since June (not that my ticker is updated- waiting for the official WI)- I've gone down two dress sizes and am now a 16/18 which I've always dreamed of being. Perhaps it's because realistically that's always what I thought I'd be and never believed I'd get below that...
I feel so much more confident when I'm out and walk around like a slim happy person (even though I'm nowhere near). BUT there's so much more to be done- so why do I eat and slow, even pause the process?

Anyway on a plus side I went for a bra fitting on Saturday, after WALKING into town and back (about 2 miles each way) I'm to my shock have found out I'm a 36/38 DD (depending on the make)... I've been wearing a 42B/C....I feel like I've had a boob job and the OH is very happy... I also was able to shop in Primark and not feel like an extra terrestrial. Not that I had a clue what to buy, so in the end I got pants and a top!

Oh well, pick my heals up, brush off that dirt and get back on track today, keep plodding on, keep glugging...


Silver Member
Hey Claire, sounds like you are doing ok, and looking at the reasons why you nibble! I am a great self sabotager - be it with food, putting off jobs until it is almost too late, winging it at work at times etc etc. I have to be really conscious about it, noticing the signs and the doing something about it - my sensible side knows what I am doing is not for the best and I have to work hard to avoid that behaviour! I *think* I am getting there with food - the one thing SS taught me in no uncertain terms is that I don't "need" what I previously thought I needed - I wanted it but I can do without it - and for someone who previously "needed" a cheese sandwich (or two), a chocolate bar (or two), more butter on my toast etc I can see this for what it is. Not to say I am cured, no sir!

Also, when I started CD my target was 14 stone as I didn't believe that I would/ could weigh less than this. Once I got past that sticking point and readjusted my focus and could see 11 stone something I got a second wind (I have wavered slightly) but I am getting there. I have moved up to 810 as I was not sticking to SS+ well enough. It is still one day at a time, but yesterday I weighed my protein and measured my veg and there was a temptation for another spoon of lettuce but held strong as I didn't need it and it worked - I enjoyed my dinner and was satisfied. Today is another day and I will face the challenges head on.

You can do this, one day at a time, and just think everytime you go to nibble - do I need this, really need this? Even if you get as far as a first bite can you throw it away after that?

Stay strong, keep on with the running, you are doing fab!
Glad to see you're back and feeling more positive Clare. I'm back on SS today after about 2 months of on/off attempts and a 10lb gain! Damn tooth ache/dry socket! Can't wait for the kids to go back to school on Thursday, a routine always helps me. Anyway, I'm right there with you now- 100% till Christmas (except the day off for my sisters wedding in 3 weeks) Good luck and keep strong :)

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