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Clothes Size - How much weight had you to lose to drop a size?


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I might be a little late in posting here, but I find it interesting that some people carry there weight differently and that some people can drop dress sizes easier than others. For me to drop a dress size I would have to lose at least 1 stone and a half. At the moment, I am 13 stone and 9 pounds, wearing size 16 bottoms and 14 tops.. though I do have some tshirts and leggings in size 12 that fit perfectly. I am 5'7 and wear size 9 shoes, but with buying shoes it varies where I go some shoes are made bigger than others and I have to buy them smaller. Most of my weight is in my thighs.
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I think it really depends on where you carry your weight and where you lose it from, but in general I seem to drop a size every 15 - 20 lbs I lose.


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My body is stupid :( No matter what I lose up top things stay the same close size wise (I lost 5 stone a couple of years ago!) because of my boobs :( It was hanging off me on my shoulders, arms, underneath the boobs and above... but because of them I still needed the same size I was to start with :(

Trousers were good though mostly. I did go down sizes there, but because my waist is MUCH smaller than my hips (like most - but pointedly so!) so although they were going down there was still massive gaping tops where the waist should be.

This time it's going to be more motivation to keep going to make them smaller..!! After all, can't have a reduction till you meet their standards!


Little Miss Christmas
S: 26st9lb C: 21st0lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 5st9lb(21.18%)
As above - lost 32lb and still not taking a step down size wise. Wonder how far it'll have to go before I do (!)


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Hi all and refreshing this thread.

So I am 80kg (ish) 151cm (just under 5 feet) so fat and short and very roundy
My chest is 36E or F so big busted, at my ideal weight chest is 32DD

My feet should be a 3 but fat feet mean I need a 4 or even a 5 in boots

Because I an short everything is too long, that is OK with trousers as I can take them up but shirts hang the wrong way and dresses are a disaster. Big chested means big shirts and then the shoulders are in weird places. Dresses look like sacks on me.
My weight is around my abdomen especially upper abdomen. My top is much bigger than my bottom.

So shirts 18/20 or a size XL
Trousers 14, or a size Med, a bit snug now but I refuse to buy 16
Dresses XL or 18/20
Bra 36E
Shoes 4

I know at 74kg I am a smaller size but my weight seems to be distributed differently so will be interesting to see.

I am currently job seeking and need to fit my interview suit, actually I have three.
My black one has a 18 jacket and 14 trousers
My blue one has a 16 jacket and 14 trousers and 12 trousers (chain store buy on sale)
My grey one has a 16 jacket and 12 trousers
My Emergency one is black linen with L jacket and M trousers but loose fitting with elastic waist


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ooh I'm glad this came up in my feed as I have been surprised by the lack of logic in clothes sizes and weight.

I started at 552 lbs and was a size 30/32 (elasticated waist trousers, and baggy tops so really 34 was likely my proper size)
I am now 455 lbs and a size 26/28. However I am the same weight as I was in 2014 when I was a size 30/32

I mainly shop at Yours, so I know I have lost inches from 3 years ago, even though my weight is the same. I also feel that where the weight has been lost has resulted in clothes fitting better. So I have a tire around my ribs (just below by boobs) which looks horrible if tops are too tight, and I had previously bought bigger sizes to compensate. i do feel though the weight loss has reduced this disproportionately, so that a size 26 top does look OK and doesn't cling too much in the wrong place.

height: 5 ft 2

I carry weight all over, though thighs and upper arms are big. small boobs - they don't change at all with weight loss or gain, always a c/d cup depending on time of the month.


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Well done on such an impressive weight loss - that must feel absolutely incredible! If I can add up (first time for everything haha!) that's 150lb so far? You are such an inspiration - well done!!!

What irritates me too is the difference in sizing from the same brand to each different top/trouser/dress. You think you've finally nailed it - then you buy your usual size from your usual shop and it clings like it's 5 sizes smaller than usual! There's no rhyme or reason!


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Ive dropped sizes from my bottom half easily but tops a nightmare and im not even big busted (b cup). I have fat arms and cant wait for the day they start to shrink.

I started at 16.12 I think...Size 22 top 18 bottom and 5ft 3inch.

I am now 13st 11lb and a size 18 top and 16.


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I started Slimming World in September 2016. I was a size 22/24 and weighed 21 stone 12lbs. At the moment, I have lost 9 stone, weigh 12 stone 12lbs, and I'm a size 12 trousers, and size 14 tops. I'm 5ft 4

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