Confused re: Pitta Breads HEB.


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For those of you on Facebook... im puzzled!

Ive just seen that my friend, who has recently joined SW has left a message on the Slimming World Group that she texted her consultant today about the Asda Pitta's - HEB, and her consultant has said any brand under 57g is a HEB. A few people have replied to this and another person has said that its true.

Has anyone elses consultant said the same?
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I will do this!!!
As far as i was told its only the asda one thats a HEXB because of the amount of fibre in them is higher than others.


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1 wholemeal pitta bread from Asda (comes in a 6-pack) is a HEb.

No other pitta bread qualifies according to the SW website.

I would trust that, too many SWCs seem to live in a world of their own these days lol.


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Cheers guys, its just as I thought myself. I just wondered if maybe I had missed something :)


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My Consultant said on Wednesday it is only Asda ones.


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I saw this post and was a bit confused too! It says on BO 57g of wholemeal (except pitta bread) but I've just scrolled right to the bottom and it does say Asda 6pack pitta bread 1 from it as a HEB. Good to know!



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Definitely only Asda Wholemeal ones - they are really nice though.


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I suppose this is the exact reason that SW themselves don't have a forum; conflicting, although well meaning, information being presented as fact.


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They used to have their own, very good, forum and closed it down for this very reason.


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ah, makes sense