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i went to the dr the other day and she said tohop on the scales:(

so i did and i was 75kg (11st 8lbs)

however my scales at home say im 11st 13lbs

not sure if my scales at home are faulty cos my grans scales say im 11st 9lbs

which would mean im a lot lighter than i thought i was

i am going to buy a new set of scales when i get back from holiday i think, cos thats a big weight difference

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Scales can be all diffrent. Somtimes as all depends on the surface they are sitting on, the room they are in ... if its moist in the bathrooom etc.

Your best to stick with one set of scales :) (id probably go for the lighter ones lol)
lol that was my thought lol

quick question - what differnce could it make if the bathroom was moist? just curious as we have a shower and i like it really hot and have aa shower most days and our bathroom is quite small



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I get weighed every 6 months at my diabetic check up and I'm always 6lb lighter than the ones at group WI. I once went straight from the Diabetic clinic, to WI and then next door to the chemist and checked their scales out to see which ones were correct and the chemists scales said exactly the same as my groups scales. Although the dr's scales made me 6lb lighter, so I would have much preferred to have gone with their result....lol.

My group has digital scales and they're place in the same place, every week and on a hard wood floor. My Dr's scales do get moved around occasionally when they rearranged the furniture AND they're on a carpet AND they're the old fashioned dial type...so they're obviously less reliable I think.


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I don't think it really matters as long as you weigh on the same scales all the time.
The ones used at SW are correct as they are constantly calibrated.
Scales do vary a lot, even just the same set. I can weigh myself, brush my teeth and weigh myself again to find that I have either gained or lost about 2lbs. My scales also normally weigh about 4lb less than my consultants (but that's probably because at home I'm weighing first thing in the morning, after a wee and with no clothes on).


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The average person can gain up to 4lb during the day, from a morning WI to an evening WI. That's why 'they' always say you should weigh yourself at the same time, every time. My little Wii fit man tells me this :rolleyes:

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