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right lets begin i have getting a strider exercise thing where u do a walk type cycle thing with feet and move ur arms, its a standy up thing, now my friend at work says if i use it i wont loose weight cos i will build muscle, but surely u loose the flabby bits on ur legs first and i will still loose weight, who is right me or her xxxx plsssss reply anyone xxx
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it's a bit of both.. you'll lose the flab at the same time you're putting the muscle on..
it won't build muscle like weight training will, it will just firm up bits.. but if you're "dieting" at the same time then you should lose weight as you'll be losing the flab faster than you gain the firm for the most part however you may do the opposite on occasion so don't be upset if you do.
If it's cardio I'm sure you'll burn calories.. not sure about the muscle thing though, I was told at the gym once it would take ages to build muscle that would weigh lots.. but I'm sure someone more experienced here will have a much better answer :D Or try googling x
The scales only tell half the story. At the end of the day you want to look slimmer....

Now imagine 1 pound of butter, and then 1 pound of lean steak.

They both weigh the same, one is fat and one is muscle. The more you have of the latter and the less of the first one, pound for pound, the slimmer you will look.

Muscle also burns more calories per day than fat, so raising your metabolism.

You are not going to suddenly have muscles like Arnie doing cardio, but if you haven't done any exercise before you might gain a little muscle but it's a good thing! Don't worry if you don't lose on the scales as long as you are looking trimmer, because that's the aim at the end of the day. Do you want to weigh xx and be a size 14, or perhaps weigh a bit more and be a size 12?


Strutting her stuff
^^ true

Women dont generally have the hormonal make-up to add lots of bulk but any muscle is good as it burns more calories per hour than fat - not just when exercising but all the time even when at rest!

Exercise is also good for toning up to help with loose skin and is known to improve your mood

So dont listen to your friend and enjoy your exercise :)

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