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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Folks
Had my 2nd weigh in and must admit feel a little disappointed. Drinking more than 3 ltres of water a day, doing exercise (walking, cycling and even digging my allotment for about 2-3 hrs) and my loss was low..well, I think so anyway, and frightened I will just go back to low fat...but I KNOW I need to keep going.
Well, my weight was 84.3 and using the convertor I was kindly given last week shows it at 13.27..now is that 13st 2lb or 13 st 3lb?
My pharmacist has converted it to 13.3 1/2, which means only 4 1/2 off!
I also noticed after stepping off the scales, the scales were at 0.1kg, rather than 0kg.
I feel I am getting so stressed over the weight issue, but I just dont feel I am getting accurate reads.
Can someone just tell me what I weigh in Stones/lbs :)
Thanks again everyone, you have been a great support!

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A little of everything!
Err....hello!!!! ONLY 4 1/2lbs off??? I'm sorry, but to someone who's averaging a 2lb loss every week- thats amazing?!? :copon:

Anyway, it depends if you want to round up or round down. The conversion is going to drive you demented each week unless you decide now which way to read it? Or just log it exactly as it converts?

It converts to 185.85lbs- which is 13st 3.85 lbs (which I'd class as 4lbs for sanity's sake?)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Irishmum
Thanks! I know I get myself in knots about it.....
I didnt mean to sound ungrateful for losing that amount, but I have done low fat diets and lost that amount each week, so I expected to lose a bit more with basically eating nothing. So, was just a little disappointed I suppose.
Onwards and upwards :)


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4.5lb is brilliant!! so don't be so down on yourself. Men lose average 1.5stone/month and women lose 1st/month average on LT apparently so you really are not lagging behind or anything!!

Anyway, to your conversion:
i got 84.3kg as 13st 3.84lb (personally i round my results up so i'd be weighing 13st4lb)

i used this site but it's not my normal and favourite one, Kilograms to Stones conversion calculator. i'd suggest you find a conversion tool you like and bookmark it, but also your chemist will do it for you. I just like doing it myself after my weigh in, it's my ritual :)


A little of everything!
I just put "84.2kg in lbs" into the google box! LOL!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks All
I had a real problem last week with the conversion and had to email Lipotrim as the0.5 is a fraction and again I thought I had lost more than I had...the google conversion is pretty rubbish and I was given a good one last week, which I have used but I just wasnt sure whether I was reading it correctly.
My total weight loss is 6.5kg, which to me is 14lbs, so I am sticking with that, and my ticker says so too, whereas the pharmacist said 13 1/2 lb...only half a pound difference I know, but it makes the difference to me!
Going to stop fretting now and get on with life.

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