counsellor in Bahrain

cammie girl

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I'm looking to the future and was wondering if anyone knew if i could become a counsellor in Bahrain when the right time comes? I really want to get into the counselling part but my hubby is there and that's where I'll be moving to in Spring! Yikes! Yippee.
I checked the cambridge website and they seem to have people in the middle east but not Bahrain. I wonder if that could a possibility for me then?

What do u think?

There is a counsellor in Dubai, I met her last week. She covers the Middle East once you go to Bahrain you could contact her and she will advise you how to get the diet or become a counsellor.

The countries are franchises and you cannot train here to transfer out there.

If you want more information please email me and I will let you know the process, [email protected].